How To Improve And Increase Internet Speed ​​In Windows 10?

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All technology lovers hope to be able to carry out all tasks quickly and in a timely manner, that's why within the Windows 10 system you can increase the speed of your internet with a few simple steps, managing to improve the use you give to your PC or laptop, what you will do is improve the tools you use on your computer.

What is DNS and what does it work for?

The first thing to keep in mind is that un DNS is what knows all domains a we want to access. When we enter the network the first thing we do is search, then there is the DNS that records the searches and keeps them constant.

Since 2018 there is a new DNS available which is which is basically a directory that resolves domain names. If a DNS is very saturated, it will be very slow, which forces a decrease in the speed at which the network works, so it will not be effective or profitable.


Types of DNS

● of 14,8 ms.

Cisco OpenDNS at 20,6 ms.

● Google public DNS 34,7 ms.

● Average ISP of 68,23 ms.

Knowing this, that's what interferes mainly with your computer and internet speed, you should pay close attention to the following steps.

Steps to Increase Internet Speed

  • In Windows 10 devi open settings, enter networks or the internet.
  • You can also enter through the control panel where you will also find networks and the internet.
  • Change the adapter options, it doesn't matter if you are connected to Wi-Fi or a direct cable because in both you have to do the same.
  • Several options will appear and you will have to choose from them property.
  • Provide Internet Protocol Version 4.
  • Then mark where it says ownership.
  • Check the box that says "Use the following DNS server addresses"
  • Two boxes will appear to fill in, in this case for the first put the DNS we talked about at the beginning, which is much faster:
  • In the second, what you will translate will be Validate the configuration on exit.

After following these simple steps, what you should do is exit, please note that sometimes you will find a window that will say problem detector, do not be afraid if this happens because it is very normal because you are changing the DNS that your operating system originally had, what happens is that it is reading and assimilating the new one you entered.

I changed my DNS, what do I do now?

Once you've done that, what you should do is simply close the windows you have open in your browser. What will happen is that when you see and reopen your browser it will be much faster and when you enter a word in your search engine, the result will appear much faster than before.

How can I check that my internet speed has improved?

You will be able to appreciate it simply by accessing the browser, however if you are one of those who require the Internet and make more use of it, we recommend that you insert pages like speed test in where you measure the speed range of your internet, start it and wait for the speed test result it has.

Steps to check your internet speed

  • You have to go to the Windows icon and click on it. So, in that search engine you put the word run.
  • In that window that opens write gpedit.msc.
  • Go to the administrative templates and access the network folder.
  • You enter the developer folder of the Qos package.
  • You enter the bookable bandwidth limitation, you will mark the box as enabled, then you will place 1 in the bandwidth limit.
  • Then go to the command prompt and delete the DNS cache.
  • You go back to running and type% temp% there.
  • Delete all items in the temporary folder.
  • Open your browser again and that's it.

These steps allow you, in addition to confirming the previous changes, to verify that your internet connection is much faster.

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