How to improve the sound of your Xiaomi thanks to this trick

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Today we come to teach you a very useful trick for Xiaomi, especially if you are one of those people who usually listen to music every day on your mobile, as this simple adjustment can improve so exponential the audio on your Xiaomi, and it is thanks to MIUI, since the Chinese company natively includes this option in its customization level.

Note that these are options that will be available as long as you are using wired headphones, as when using Bluetooth headphones, the equalization and sound quality they depend to some extent on the audio codecs used by the headphones. and for the smartphone, although there are headphones like the Samsung Galaxy Buds + in which you can change a large number of settings from your application.

The sound of Xiaomi mobiles is easy to improve

Enhance the sound of your Xiaomi with this trick

As we have mentioned, the Chinese company natively includes the settings that we will teach you and which will help you to improve the sound on your Xiaomi, and the truth is that we think it is essential to have a good experience, and it is fortunate that Xiaomi includes it natively. So let's see what to do.

As we said, this setting is only valid for headphones that connect to the smartphone via cable. AND you must have these headphones connected to be able to access these settings and change them, then plug them in, and when you've done that, do the following:

  • Go to the settings app
  • Enter "Sound and vibration"
  • Scroll down to "Sound Effects"
  • Activate "Mi Sound Enhancer"
  • Try the different modes until you find the one you prefer

Xiaomi allows you to change the audio equalization through headphones

The key to all of this lies in the last step, since you have to try the different modes that Xiaomi offers depending on your headphones to know which one is best suited to the ones you are using and which one offers better results, or at the same time, unless they are more adapted to your audio preferences. As I said, trial and error.

Obviously it is not necessary that the headphones you use are from Xiaomi, since they can be of any brand. The company simply offers different equalization in each option to optimize that model of its headphones, but it is very likely that in earphones, for example, the chosen equalization is that of a headset. And here you have to look at the sound, not the drawing, which, after all, is why we are here.

MIUI is one of the most complete customization levels we have on Android and Xiaomi it guarantees every year by introducing useful news for the user in that level. Something that has worked quite well for the Chinese company so far, and it doesn't surprise us at all, given that according to the software it has managed to stand out from many of its competitors.

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