How to include or write multiple rows in the same Excel cell

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Excel allows us to work in many ways and offers us useful tools that, when we learn them and apply them in our daily projects, save us time and effort. There are many techniques and tricks that, if we knew them, would allow us to become experts when working on our spreadsheets.

We have used this Office program to track numeric data for years, but when writing text, not only spelling and accents are important in Excel, but you also need to know how include or write multiple lines in the same cell. That's why let me tell you that today you will get new knowledge. Next, we will explain the steps you need to take to apply this solution to your daily work.

How to include or write multiple rows in the same Excel cell

We have to remind you that this trick is easy to do but if you don't do it right, you may not get the desired results. We will show you two different ways to do the same procedure in a way to be able to include or write multiple lines in the same Excel cell.

To start we must first access the Microsoft Exel program, the next step we must open a new spreadsheet. Having opened our worksheet, we proceed to write in any cell. Without leaving that cell, we will use the following key combination.

We are going to press the Ctrl key and Enter key togetherAfter doing this, you will see that automatically, the mobile offers the option to continue writing, below what you have already written. If you repeat this action several times, the cell becomes larger, this to allow you to include all the information you want in the same cell.

If you can see this action it is very different from typing a cell and then pressing the Enter key. Since if you do that, it will go to the next cell below, you will see that it is very easy to include or write multiple rows in the same cell in Excel. But this is one way to do it and then we will explain the other option that exists.

Wrap text option

This option is also very easy to apply in your Excel spreadsheet. You just have to position yourself in any cell and write whatever you want without pressing Enter, just type. You will notice that what you have written will go beyond the boundaries of your column. And no matter how hard you try to enlarge the cell, words won't fit into it.

To fix this apparent problem, you just need to use the Wrap Text function. You will do this in the following way, without leaving the cell go to the menu at the top of the window and select the Home tab. Then you look for the option Adjust the text and you need to create a clip there.

In this way, a text was automatically embedded completely inside the cell. If you make it less wide you will see that the words will always be inside the same cell. On the other hand, I'm sure you will be interested to know how you can adjust a text or rotate it in an Excel cell so that you get better results and in case you want to identify your data you can do it by applying a color to each of the cells so that the spreadsheet is fully organized.

These tricks will help you a lot in your college projects, where you need to add more information in cells, to describe values ​​or functions. And in a very simple and easy way you have learned another trick for include or write multiple lines in the same Excel cell.

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