How to increase and maximize the speed of your iPhone

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Why boost and maximize the speed of your iPhone?

An iPhone computer could start slowing down because the device has been in use for a long time and it is becoming obsolete, so newer applications cannot run. However, you don't always have the money to buy a new device, so it's better increase and improve its speed.

Slowness dell’iPhone it can be due to several reasons. One of the most common is the near-full memory problem. Other times it is due to a lack of software updates (such as the operating system), hardware problems, or that there are many applications running in the background. In this post we will see how to optimize the resources available and thus maximize the performance of your iPhone.

How to increase and maximize the speed of your iPhone

To improve the performance of your device, follow the tips and steps below:

Remove unused apps

There are some uses that you don't need on your device. Some are turned on and run in the background, thus consuming RAM, battery and other phone resources. Therefore, you can delete the apps you no longer use from your iPhone with iOS, including factory ones.

Check which apps to remove and which take up more space in "Settings", followed by "General" and "iPhone memory". With this step you will see how it improves the work and speed of processes on the phone.

Close open applications or background processes

Apple's operating system is one of the most efficient when it comes to managing background processes. But opening so many applications can be a drawback to the speed of the device, so you have to close all the applications that you have open on your smartphone and that you are not using.

To do this, double-click the start button and slide applications up to close them. If there is no physical button, swipe from the bottom and hold until a red cross appears, then swipe up each app.


Check for OS updates to boost and maximize the speed of your iPhone

Updating your iPhone to the latest iOS version can solve small computer problems with the latest security patches, though this option is not good if your computer is old.

To verify that you have downloaded it, go to "Settings", select "General" and then "Software update". If available, there are several methods to update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version of the iOS system.

Disable functions you don't need

If you don't usually use some features, it is better to disable them in the settings in so as not to accidentally open them and consume iPhone resources, which would make the device still slower. Some are:

  • Apple virtual assistant Crab.
  • La search PER iPhone O Spotlight.
  • Update in background.
  • Animations screen.
  • Location services in the privacy section.
  • Automatic download  in the iTunes Store and App Store section.


Restart or turn your phone off and on again

Another option is to turn your iPhone off and back on completely. To do this, you must first press and hold the top button or the side button for a few seconds. Then, you have to scroll the switch that will appear on the screen.

After waiting for a while, you can turn it on. It's not okay to do it constantly, but you will notice an improvement in speed dell’iPhone.

Clear Safari website data and history

After browsing on Safari, the data is stored. Therefore, clearing the cache will help you free up space on your iPhone and to make it faster. Open "Settings" and go to the option " Safari ". Then press the 'Clear History and Website Data' button.

If with the above steps you feel that the iPhone does not improve its speed, you have two options , restore your mobile to factory settings (with or without iTunes) or buy a new one.

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