How To Increase The Heart Rate Measurement Rate On Xiaomi Mi Band

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One of the most used and famous devices are wearables, and it works for that Xiaomi created its own wearable devices, known as We Band. It is a bracelet, which is intended to measure heart rate, count steps, heart rate, etc.

It is a bracelet that performs a long-lasting activity thanks to a very resistant battery, a feature that has made it very popular among its users.

It is known to many users that this device has the feature of allowing expansion of the its functions and his accesses, thanks to the implementation of tools and applications, one of the most useful is the alarm and alarm clock. Thanks to its touch screen, it is possible to see a large amount of information about it, which we can configure in a personal way and synchronize it with our mobile.

In this post we will teach you how to increase and maximize its use thanks to different uses and novelties.

Advantages of using this tool

While everything this bracelet packs and displays appears to be one of the best things in the world, it doesn't have a special mode dedicated solely to athletes. Based on this, always and indefinitely, this bracelet will measure your wrist. This can be something you love or hate, depending on your tastes or preferences.

If you search within Google Play, you can see that there are several applications with which you can enable continuous detection of your pulse. This is a great setup for athletes, as it will not significantly affect the range of the bracelet.

Measure your wrist relentlessly

Something not everyone knows is that this tool's heart sensor makes heavy use of its battery to count your pulse. If you want this to change one way or another, there are two ways you can take different measurements continuously or stop it when you want to stop.

The first option we present to you is to use the form " Activities »Application» MyFit «, With which you can check the steps to be taken, the time and heart rate. To get started, you just have to click on the option » starts «.

If, on the other hand, you are not doing any sporting activity, you can select the "Treadmill" option to avoid unnecessarily turning on the GPS. You must remember that the main task of your bracelet is to constantly measure your pulse and you can visualize it on the screen in real time.

If you are determined to deactivate it in one way or another, you can make all these changes, by entering the application and looking inside the option » Profile ". There you just have to click on the "My Band" option and on the screen you will see a series of options, among which there will also be the option to disable the pulse log.

This is an option that is turned off within your bracelet by default, but can be changed so that you feel comfortable. This way you will be free to activate various options and place different frequencies with which you can periodically measure each option you choose.

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