How to Insert a Header and Footer in Power Point - Very easy

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Power Point you have professional templates with which you can combine colors, however sometimes it is boring to make different presentations with the same predefined templates, with us you can add many more that very few people have used.

What is Power Point and what are its characteristics?

It is a program or application used in information technology, which has the advantage, among many of its functions, of allowing the creation and presentation of different types of topics through a slide; which can be viewed from a computer or projector.

That is, it authorizes us to create content with the needs that are required for the moment; be it at the level of images, text, video, graphics or a combination of these.

Among its main features we have the use of predefined templates that the program contains, but you can also create your own, in addition to those made by the author; be able to identify each of the elements and change both the size and color of the letters. Images can also be included making the speech more decorative and attractive; has tools for animation.

Where are the header and footer located on a PowerPoint slide?

As mentioned above, the headings, or, are placed at the top of the slide an image or a short text which will identify the exponent or the creator of the same; while the footer is placed at the bottom e the title of the show is put, for example.

For this, there is a model or model model, which contains the corresponding space for the placement of each of these elements; and every time we create a new slide, the program will place this template by default ; if desired, both the header and footer can be changed later.

How to insert header and footer in PowerPoint very easy way?

They can be installed with the same preset template; To do this, we select the slide, then in the menu we click on enter, then header and footer.

The template is displayed and the date, slide number, and data are placed footer, all on the left side of it; on the right we have a preview box for your verification.

Then click apply or apply all, depending on whether you want it to appear on one or all of the slides. However; If you don't want the header or footer we created to appear on the cover page, click the Insert tab and select the header and footer option.

A dialogue will open immediately for us. In the lower left corner of the dialog there is a check mark which, when activated, hides the header and footer only on the first slide.

If you want to print some, then let's go back to the slide by number menu, select for example 2, another template appears but with the frame number as chosen; and of course maintaining the rest of the characteristics of the sheet.

Then insert header and footer, footnotes and documents to distribute, apply to all and finally document master view and there you decide whether to modify it or not.

Finally, all the elements that put on a slide can be edited; and also change the color, size, font and you can insert or edit images according to your needs. We are happy to help you, if this article has helped you, leave us a comment, we can't wait to read you.

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