How to insert a video into a WhatsApp video call - Very easy

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But this App also offers you as a user the possibility to connect via Group Chat. Also, you can send files, set your own personal position and share all your contacts. It is because of this diversity of functions that it offers, that every day more fans are added to its long list of followers.

Every day we are surprised by the different functions that communication applications offer and it is very useful to learn how to use them. It is for this reason that we wanted to offer you a tutorial that explains what you need to do to know how insert a video into a WhatsApp video call.

How to insert a video in a WhatsApp video call

Currently, one of the most used and widespread communication methods among users of this platform is video calling. It has to be, because it's easy to be so close to family, friends, and co-workers. Being able not only to talk to them but also to see them and be able to get in touch with your eyes, how they are and how much they have changed.

It is a very useful tool for all who use WhatsApp as a means to connect with loved ones. Therefore, learning how to use this feature is really a great success and in the following article you will know what you should do to make the video calls the most common way to connect with your contacts.

We must always remember that we must have the WhatsApp app updated to its latest version to be able to enjoy all the functions that the application offers without any problem. Its update can be purchased through the Play Store itself. And then we list the step to take for insert a video into a WhatsApp video call.

Make video calls from WhatsApp

It is also important that you know which to carry out video calls to other contacts, they must also have and have updated this feature on their mobile devices. Otherwise, it will not be possible to make said Video Call, as it is necessary that both users have this function activated and updated.

To get started and be able to make the video call, the first thing we will do is go to the WhatsApp application. So you have to open the Contact chat of that person with whom you want to establish the Video call. Upon entering you will find a Phone icon located at the top right and you will have to click on it.

And what you should do next is select the Video Call option, and it is so easy that you have initiated the connection. Now you just have to wait for the other person to assist you so that the video call begins and you experience what it is like talk to yours friend or family member and be able to see their face.

Clara is here, in order for your contact to see you and you too can see him, you must have a smartphone with a front camera. This way they will enjoy the beauty of this feature that the WhatsApp platform. But we will show you another way to make video calls.

If you are in the application and click on the Calls tab, you can find out all those calls you have made or have had. If any of these have been a video call, you just have to click on the video icon that appears and you will start making the video call and you have to wait, just for the other person to answer you.

As you can see this is a fantastic feature. And you have learned how to use it, simply by following the steps that we show you here and you always can insert a video into a WhatsApp video call.

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