How to insert a YouTube video into a Word document

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Texts, audio, images, video, many of them can be combined and others not, or at least many people do not know the possibility or the way they can be combined and opt for the most suitable way, which is to send files separately.

Microsoft Word

The Word program is largely multifunctional, saving you a lot of time and effort in organizing files of different types.

Video in and file Word

In addition to allowing you to insert audio or music files into Word documents, include video to a text file prepared in Word is something very unusual. However, it can be a different and interesting resource in a particular situation.

The option is not new, nor is it used regularly, mostly you might add alone videos that were on your computer and thus would give way to the inclusion of online videos.

Previously, this process was complicated and tedious for users. Thus, the developers worked to try to simplify the interface, easing the steps to be followed by users.

How to insert a video that is on your computer

This is one of the options to add audio visual content to your text file, also applicable to add or insert 3D objects in Word and PowerPoint documents. There are two ways, one easier than the other, to do this successfully:

  • Once the Word document is open, click on the section Inserisci.
  • Find the option Subject (right part of the toolbar, Text Splitter) and click on it.
  • A box will appear, in which you will need to click on the tab Crea from a file.
  • The file explorer will open, here you have to locate the video to insert.
  • Having already selected the video, click on accept.
  • The video will be represented by an icon. Double clicking on this icon will open the player with the video.

Incorpora video di YouTube in Word

If the video you would like to insert into your Word file is on a web page, you shouldn't have to resort to download managers and waitperhaps longer than you should, waiting to have it on your computer and finally including it in your text file.

Word has included in its interface a capable option insert videos from almost all web platforms. Especially the YouTube platform. To embed a YouTube video, you will need to:

  1. Click on the tab Inserisci.
  2. In the division Multimedia, click the Online Video option.
  3. A window will open with two options, including: Youtube.
  4. On the right side, a search bar should appear. Write the keywords of the video you are looking for on this platform.
  5. The list of videos related to the required search will appear.
  6. Select the video that you prefer and click on Inserisci, (in the lower right part of the window).

Once inserted, the video will simulate being an image, being able to change its size and position. It is important to note that in the case of videos that are not copyrighted, the platform probably doesn't allow for that content to be inserted into the document.

Insert video from code

The second option that Word presents in the online video part is through the use of a code. This code is none other than the URL address in where the audiovisual content is located.

So you have to just copy and paste that address for Word to start looking for the video you want to insert.

A different way to create documents in Word, including almost any type of multimedia content for a touch of interaction and originality to your writing. Test this new knowledge!

Remember to save your documents after making changes. If by some mistake your document was closed without saving, you can learn how to recover unsaved Word file in few steps.

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