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In this article we show you how to insert and format artistic text in Corel DRAW in a very simple way, so that you can make your projects more amazing.

The Corel DRAW suite is a professional tool based on mathematical formulas, for drawings or photographic projects, for both print and web publications.

It is used by many graphic designers due to the wide range of tools it offers for editing. It has applications in the edition of posters, posters, advertising, editorial illustration, among others. That is, with this technological tool, you can edit, rotate, resize and organize objects on the sheet in Corel Draw.

This tool allows you to add text or groups of text to complement your images in two ways that suit each specific need.

In this sense, you can add or insert and format paragraph text in Corel Draw, which is particularly useful when you need to add long texts that require some format and order.

In the meantime, the artistic text it can be used to add words or phrases to which you can add different effects or modifications, such as shadows, colors or shapes.

The latter usually has a more fun style and can be changed using the text property bar, resulting in colorful or eye-catching effects for your designs.

Insert artistic text

Before starting, we recommend that you have the most up-to-date version of the suite as it will allow you to implement the latest features and enhancements. You can make your purchase on the official Corel DRAW website.

If you have already installed CorelDRAW on your computer, you can open a new project to start working on it. To insert artistic text go to the toolbox located on the left side.

Select the button artistic text, whose icon is identified with an A. Once selected, click and drag on the canvas to create a box where you have to write what you want.

Once written, you can choose the desired font and size from the text editing toolbox, as well as the style, such as bold, italic or underline. You can also reduce or increase the size by dragging the points in the box.

Once you are happy with the style of the text and its size, you can start making more important changes, such as the color or design in each of the letters of your text.

 Artistic editing of the text

Once you have written the text you want, you can go back to the toolbox on the left side and change the color of both the fill and the outline.

To do this, select the tool Fill and, in the menu that appears at the bottom, click on the section Color. You will see on the right side the available color palette, feel free to select the one you want and press Fill.

If you don't want a solid color, you can select the section pattern and select a preset from the suite or add an image in bitmap format to decorate the letters. You can keep playing with this option until you find the desired effect.

Now you can go to the tool Boundary, select the thickness you want and then choose the color that looks best to you, then hit the Outline button.

You can also edit each letter of your text separately, you just have to select it and go to the menu Organize and select the option Separate artistic text, you will notice that each of the letters will have independent controls when you click on it.

Thanks to this option you can give each font the size and style you want and place it in any position, giving dynamism to your text.

Once you are satisfied with the result, select all the letters and press the button Group, in this way you can move all the letters without altering the position you want.

Another cool tool for editing your artistic text is Silhouette, you will see it in the toolbox on the left. Once selected, you need to go back to the text, click on it and drag it until you get the desired effect.

Similarly you can apply the different variations of the tool Distort and Shadows. Go ahead and create these effects and make the best designs.

Continue learning how to edit text by reading the article How to insert and apply different shadow and silhouette effects to text with Corel DRAW.

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