How to insert animations and transitions into PowerPoint slides

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When you use this tool to customize the presentations you've created, you can make changes that have to do with the transition speed. In addition to choosing between the different predetermined effects. You can also add music or sounds to your slideshow, giving the slideshow your personal touch.

Using this tool is very simple, as is converting a Power Point presentation to video, in an extremely simple way.

Like everything done through this application, it has its degree of difficulty. But we guarantee that by the end of this tutorial you will be able to insert animations and transitions on Power Point slides.

How to insert animations and transitions into PowerPoint slides

The tool we're going to teach you to use should always be done as the last step when you're done creating and placing all your slides. In this sense, we suggest that you already have all your slides ready and you can insert animations and transitions on Power Point slides in a very simple and easy way.

To get started we will add the transitions, we will do it in the following way, first we will go to the top menu and choose the Transitions tab.

Let's make a clip and then the different transitions available will appear and you can use the one you like best. If you don't know which one to use, creating a clip in one of them will see a preview.

After choosing the transition, you will go to the right side of these transitions and you will choose the Apply to all option. This is how the transition applies to all slides, but if you don't want this transition to apply to all of them. You will need to select each slide separately and choose the transition for each of them.

You should also know that each transition has a specific duration if you want to change how long each slide will last before it moves on to the next. On the right side of the transitions you will find the Duration option. Here you can choose the time in seconds, what you want to place.

Personalize the presentation of your Power Point slides

If you want to see how the changes have been made, go to the bottom right and there you will find the Presentation option. If you like how it looks, you can leave it like this, otherwise you can make any changes you want. Let's now move on to another very important point, which is the animations.

add animations, we'll go to the top where the menu is and select the Animations tab. As you crop, several options will appear, which you can use to customize your slides.

include animations in our slides we have to choose them one by one and in each we can add animations in the texts and images.

To do this, select the object you want to animate, then go to the top where the menu is and choose the animation of your liking. You can choose one by one, until you find the one you like. You can also change the duration of each animation and you will do it the same way you did with the transitions.


This operation must be performed on each slide and on every title and every image you have on your slide. As you can see, with the animation tools and transition tools you can give your presentations a personal touch.

And all of this you could do with just a few steps and you could learn how to put animations e Power point.

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