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The charts are visual resources through which we show trends and changes so that they can be seen. A chart translates the numbers in the tables into an image, being particularly useful for easily indicating whether one trend is higher or lower than another.

Inserting an image into Excel and inserting charts into project samples such as surveys, economic or demographic changes, etc., makes everything easier to understand. Furthermore, apply graphics within Excel it's very simple and here we will show you the correct way to do it.

How to insert charts inside a cell in Excel - Sparklines

After creating a table with your data, you can create a chart that visually shows the variations. For this we will use the option Minigraphy provided by Excel. However, keep in mind that there are different types of tables

Line mini-graphs

Mini line charts are one of the simplest types of charts out there and are actually represented by a line where statistical variations are represented by " ups and downs »In the trend, all shown by a single line.

For this type it is advisable to evaluate the creation of graphs with automatic updating, very useful for real-time representation. Without further ado, to use this table, do the following:

  • In a table with the data we can establish a line graph. To do this, go up Inserisci, locate the mini-print option and click Riga.
  • Once pressed on Line, the configuration will appear on the screen. Click the icon to the right of Data range, now you need to check all the data boxes. After this click OK.
  • The line graph will appear on the screen. You can also drag the chart, zoom in, zoom out and extend it to all data in the table.

You can improve the lines table for visualize any data in the table with points, this will be particularly useful for easy recognition. Likewise, making dynamic tables in Excel with charts will further extend the capabilities of the table, on the other hand, the above process is very simple, just follow these steps:

  • Select all previously created graphics and go to Design.
  • In Design you will find options: high point, low point, negative points, first point, last point, etc. This way you can show the highs, lows and negatives.
  • Enable the options you prefer, in turn you can change other factors such as thickness, color and other customizable aspects within the table.

Other sparklines

As mentioned above, there are other types of tables that you can use. Some of these might be more convenient for some situations, among these extra minigraphs the  column charts.

Column chart

Column charts are perhaps the most popular type of graphics, because in them the data is shown very accurately. It is a very suitable chart for any type of situation. You can enable it like this:

  • Go to Inserisci. Find the Minigraphs section and the option Column.
  • Click on the column, you should then configure your chart. To do this, click on the icon located on the right of Data range and select all the tables in which the data is located.
  • After the previous procedure, the graph will appear in the table.
  • As with the rest of the tables, you can configure it to your liking by changing various customization factors that Excel allows us to use.

Note that in addition to histograms and mini charts, it is possible to insert pie charts inside an Excel cell, which are often more recommended for aesthetic reasons.

Using these tools, you will improve the quality of your Excel documents by graphically displaying important data, something particularly useful for show changes and variations in trends.

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