How to Insert Charts into Excel Using the Repeat Feature - Quick and Easy

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What is the repetition function in the Excel program?

Excel's "repeat function" is a computerized subalgorithm used to repeat in a second cell, a number of times, the text of the first selected cell.

Since the 'repeat function' is a very useful Excel add-in, most people usually use it to create graphs in the form of horizontal bars when creating spreadsheets, where the numerical values of the main cells can be appreciated in a more didactic way.

How to insert charts in Excel using the repeat function

When we create a table in our spreadsheet to work with the variables we set out to develop, we must put aside a column for graphs which we will realize with the "repetition function", as indicated in the following example:

When we have already established in our spreadsheet the data we will work with; and the separate column where we will insert the graphs with the repeat function. We perform the steps described below:

  1. Following the example expressed in the image, the first thing to do will be select cell "D2" which is found under the name "graphics".
  2. In it we will write the expression: = REPEAT ("symbol", number of times).
  3. Within the brackets we can insert the symbol that we consider convenient to elaborate our graph. The one used in this example is "|", obtained after pressing Alt + 124 on our keyboard. This symbol is ideal because it allows us to visualize the length of the graph as a bar.
  4. Put a comma followed by the symbol and enter the number of times we want it to repeat to form the graph. In the example we select cell "C2" which contains the number of times we want to repeat our symbol; to plot the main variable.
  5. Once the symbol is placed and the number of times it is repeated; We will give enter to insert the operation and appreciate the first bar of the graph.
  6. To completely reduce the distance between each symbol. We will select the "Stencil" font in the main panel; this is to appreciate a correctly prepared graph.
  7. Finally, by clicking on the lower right corner of the cell where our graph is located and dragging it downwards; We will cover the other cells with the other numeric values to automatically form the other graphs, you can edit the charts and resize them.

Advantages of inserting charts in Excel

By nature, the human being tends to be very visual; Many times for some planners or programmers it is boring and a complete waste of time; looking at the statistics of a particular product, variable by variable, to see which one is best suited to your needs.

For this reason, tools such as the "repeat function" of the Excel program are very useful for inserting graphics; which allow us to view much faster, the variables that meet our needs and even indicating whether or not they are accessible, Excel offers a multitude of options such as inserting pie charts into a cell.

This way you can quickly and easily learn how to insert graphics in Excel using the repeat function. As well as seeing how this useful feature benefits you and knowing you can apply it in any type of work. If you liked it, don't forget to share and leave your comment, because your opinion motivates us to provide you with the best information.

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