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Most of the people who are looking to get a space on the internet see YouTube as a great chance to gain popularity, income and make a living from it. It's not too complicated, but it takes a lot of effort.

To achieve this, it is essential have as many visits as possible and personalized thumbnails they are absolutely necessary in order to get those visits you want so much.

Getting the attention of people searching for content on the internet is essential. Getting them to click on our video before the others is necessary to make a difference and get more views.

That's why we will teach you how to put custom thumbnails to my YouTube videos or release a new video; This way you can increase your visits, your earnings and find in YouTube Studio the way to customize the thumbnail images that are essential for getting more views.

How to add custom thumbnails to my YouTube videos

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is essential that your account is verified to be able to upload your video thumbnails to YouTube. The way to check this is quite simple and you do it with your mobile.

In turn, all custom thumbnails must conform to community guidelines. Certain things cannot be shown as adult content of any kind, anything that incites violence, hatred or is in any way harmful, etc. We recommend that you read the community guidelines to be clearer on this point.

Create a custom thumbnail on my YouTube videos

Basically you will have to enter YouTube Studio, then go to the left menu and choose » Video ". Among all the videos that you have uploaded, you have to select the one you want to make a thumbnail of, then you can choose one of those that is automatically generated.

However, if you have verified your account when doing what I mentioned above, you will see that a box also appears that says " Custom thumbnail »This is where you can choose which previous image you created yourself you can upload.

You can also upload a custom image to use as a thumbnail while the video is loading. So you can have everything ready before you publish it without having to edit it later and risk losing views.

YouTube thumbnail size and resolution

You have to keep in mind that the small or thumbnail preview image that we see in the videos will also appear as a preview of the player. So it should be a good sized image. What YouTube itself recommends is the following:

  • The resolution must be in HD 1280 × 720 pixels.
  • The accepted image formats are the most common: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF.
  • It cannot be more than 2MB.
  • It is not necessary, but ideally the aspect ratio of the image should be 16: 9.

As you can see, the requirements for uploading a custom image to YT are very few and you have a lot of freedom to upload whatever you want. It is so easy to learn to insert thumbnails customized in my videos on YouTube to YouTube Studio.

If you have any questions you can write them in the comments that you will find a little below. Remember that we have a lot of YouTube tips and pretty cool tutorials to quickly grow and become a youtuber with a large number of subscribers.

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