How to insert different headers and footers in a Word document

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Microsoft has developed in addition to this, multiple programs based on the type of document ; o Microsoft Excel, Power Point (elaboration of documents in models that will be visualized in videobeam equipment).

Likewise, it also offers Microsoft Office (its design facilitates the preparation of information related to Office documents), Microsoft Outlook, Publisher, Skype for business (allows the user to make video call connections through the computer), Microsoft Access among others.

Differences between header and footer of a Word document

People who use Microsoft Word have full freedom to choose the type and size of the letter, change the margin measurements, even the orientation of the text vertically and horizontally, also insert frames,  as well as creating a footer or title to make the text even more attractive.

Some of the useful and necessary tools to create a text are the footer and the header, you need to explain the difference between them.

Il title briefly explains the most relevant parts of a topic. A simple example that can be given is the news. In which we want to denote the most important events without going into all the events that have occurred. This is almost always at the top of the page.

I footer instead they are notes that offer information that may be important or of interest but which cannot be inserted into the text. Then it is registered at the bottom with a numbering or a sign.

How to insert different headers and footers in a Word document

Managing a document in Microsoft Word can be complicated for some users, however through simple explanations it will be much more understandable.

Steps to create a header

  • Enter Microsoft Word.
  • At the top left of the page you will find more tabs.
  • Select the scheda Inserisci.
  • Click on the option Heading.
  • You can select the type of header that fits the text.
  • Select image allusive and together with it the text you want to insert as a header.
  • Microsoft Word allows you to change the header, font and font size, as well as the color.
  • To close the process, you just need to do click anywhere on the sheet testo.

How to make a footer

Making the footnote or footnote in a text only takes 6 simple steps:

  • Log in to Microsoft Word
  • Select the section Inserisci top left
  • Enter the option footer
  • Choose the type of footer that fits the text
  • As in the header, you have the option of choose an image type,
    once the footer is edited, you just have to do click anywhere on the page
  • Then the footer will appear on all text sheets.

Microsoft Word makes life easier for users in all parts of the world when it comes to creating research, information or other documents. It also allows for more colorful and personalized text.

Every day the forms of editing are reinvented to provide fulfilling experiences. Adapting to these new ways is much easier.

Finally, we hope you enjoyed this article, however we would like to know, is there another way to position the titles? Do you know how to create and edit Word documents with an Android mobile?

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