How to insert different page numbers in the same document in Word

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Write a document that requires a different numbering By sections in Word is a tedious task. Many prefer to create several documents separately because they don't know how to use this feature. It's a problem that has a solution if you know how to divide a document into sections.

Section break in Word

The secret to adding page numbering is separate the document by sections. If the document has a structured order, half of the numbering process is facilitated.

To create a break of page, position in the part of the text where you want the new section to start. Go to the Page Layout tab, select the Skip option and then the next page.

In some versions of Microsoft Word, the page break option is in Layout tab.

The new section of the document should now be on the next page. The advantage of the sections is that each has an independent way of organizing itself.

Check the section break

You can verify that the page break was successful by examining the document with the option Show all. To access this option go to the Home tab and select Show All.

The paragraph mark and i will be displayed hidden formats. If the page break was successful, the message should appear at the end of the section “section break (next page)”.

Link to the previous one

In order to add numbering independently of each section, you must disconnect the previous section. Headers and footers are usually linked separately. Then, if necessary, unplug them all.

Unlinking is done in the header and footer menu. Uncheck the option Link to previous.

Add formatting to page numbers in Word

Before adding the numbering to the page, you must first choose the format that the section will have. Select the Insert tab, find the Page Number option and click Format page numbers.

In the page number format window, you can change the type of numbering you want to insert. Whether they are Roman or Arabic numerals.

Within the format you must indicate where you want from start numbering. In the case of a new section, it is necessary to indicate from which section you want the numbering to start.

You can add the page number in the footer of the document or in the header. Word has predefined style formats so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Have multiple sections in a document

To create a new section simply repeat the previous procedure, with another page break.

All page sections can have a different numbering, that is, you can have Roman and Arabic page numbers in the same document at the same time.

You can also have unnumbered sections. Each section also has the option of displaying its different first page. You can change that in Word's header and footer tools.

An easy way to do it

Word is full of shortcuts, and if you are already an advanced user you need to know a lot of them.

If you want to change or quickly add page numbering to a document, you just have to place the cursor in the footer and double click. The header and footer menu is immediately enabled.

Remove the page number

To remove the page number from a section or document, just double-click the footer or access the header and footer menu. Look for the option for remove the footer, click and you are good to go.

Word is the most used word processor and it has certainly saved more than one student. Facilitate the process of creating your TEGs with its intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface. You should just focus on planning the activities to make your project come true.

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