How to insert images into shapes and letters using Adobe InDesign cc

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The design, in addition to adding color to the contents, tells the stories of each of the designers who promote and enhance the ingenuity and creativity thanks to the various programs and developers available on the web.

Adobe InDesing positions itself as an incredible ally for anyone looking to innovate in editorial content design. This program has amazing tools that simplify la poster creation, book covers, magazines, flayers and much more.

Adobe and design

Adobe is a candidate as a promoter of digital printing. As a contribution to the world of graphic arts, it launches its effective graphic design tool, InDesing. Oriented to the work of publishers, has multiple tools that facilitate and enliven the work of designers. A good example is the ability to create compound paths and shapes without complications.

Its simple and intuitive interface offers its users the possibility of create quality multimedia content, improving the experience and adapting to their needs.

Uses of InDesing

This program has established itself as the favorite in the professional layout. With each update, its features, tools and performance evolve and optimize the user experience.

Among the many uses of InDesing are developing flash formats, prototyping web pages, interactive PDF document designs, creating e-books and magazines, and much more.

Increase marketing effectiveness and position your brand by creating amazing and quality content, improve automation in creating documents that stand out visually, using the tools this amazing program offers you.

Importing images

Adding visual content to your document and making your creation more attractive is a really simple process, so you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Located within the InDesing interface, proceed to opening the document where you want to insert an image.
  2. Locate the file button and select » Place »To access the options menu. You can also perform this action more directly using a simple key combination, in this case press » Ctrl + D «
  3. A window will appear in which you will have the image options you want to add.
  4. Select the image and then press » apri «
  5. Click on any section of the document where you want to place the image and place it where you need it.
  6. Change and adjust the size and shape the way you want.
  7. Ready! You will have already added an image to your document.

In case you already have the pre-selected image, you just have to right-click and choose the paste option, or simply perform the combination » Ctrl + V «.

The difference between the two options will be that, if we add it by importing the image, it will be created as a link and will appear in their list, while the option to paste will not present this peculiarity. However, both images are inside a frame.

Insert graphics into objects

If you want to make an impact from the start, what better way than add color shades to your design text. Add a touch of elegance and highlight your incredible potential and talent. The process is simple and here we explain how to do it.

To add an image inside an object or text (which must be previously converted into a form in order to perform this action, you need to:

  1. Using the selection tool, proceed to shape selection.
  2. Clicking on it with the right mouse button will display an options menu, within which you will click on » Graphic content «
  3. The selected shape will automatically become a frame.
  4. Once converted, you need to go to the file tab and press the option » Inserisci «.
  5. Select the image you want to add and click » apri «.

If you want to add a graphic inside a letter instead, follow these steps:

  1. Select the text format
  2. Go to the text menu
  3. An option menu will appear. Select the option » Create outline «
  4. Next, we position ourselves on the letter and right-click
  5. In the options menu we select the content of the graphics option.
  6. Next, you need to go to the file and hit the option to place.
  7. Choose the image you want to add and press Open.

Now that you know how to insert images into shapes and letters using Adobe InDesign cc like a pro, there should be no difficulty in inserting and manipulating images in your amazing and impressive Adobe InDesign creations.

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