How to insert location in a Facebook Messenger story

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There are more and more features we need to add to stories. And no wonder, most of the users of this platform choose to temporarily share photos and videos.

How to insert location in a Facebook Messenger story

As you know, the stories you share on Facebook are also shared on Facebook Messenger and inserting the location into your story happens the same way.

To add a location to your story from Facebook Messenger, log into the app. At the top of the screen, where all the stories shared by your friends are present, select «+» To add a story.

If you want to create a photo or video, choose to click on camera. If you already have the file on your device, search for it in yours gallery. If you wish, you can create a story that has only text by clicking on » text «.

With the image or video already selected, go to Wall Stickers, is the last option in the drop-down menu you have on the right of the screen.

You will have a new list of options to add to your story, such as: place, mention, poll, date, time, image, stickers, emoticons.

In this case, we will select " Position", which is the first in the list. It is important that you have granted permissions to the app so that it can access your location. In case you haven't, you will have a box in which it will ask you to do so.

Then you can write or select any of the positions you will have in a drop down list. With your location already defined, add it to your story. Once you're done editing, click "Your story" to share it.

You will have a new box with the legend " Add content to your story? "Where you have to click on" Accept «To share your story.

How to share my location in real time with Facebook Messenger

Although until recently the location could only be shared at one time and in a specific place, with new updates it is possible to share your position in real time, so you can know where your friends are, minute by minute ..

Now, to share the location in real time, you should know that it will only be possible to do so for a period not exceeding one hour. You must have the location on your device turned on and give the app permissions to access it.

Find the person or chat group you want to share the location with. Enter the conversation. At the bottom next to the text bar, click the three dots icon. You will have a new menu.

The first option is " Location ". Click on this. As you can see, you now have the option to share a fixed location or a real-time location. For the latter, press the blue button "Share current location for 60 minutes".

After this time, sharing will stop automatically. You don't have the option to share for a specified amount of time, so if you want to stop sharing your location before 60 minutes, log into the chat and click «Stop sharing, there are… minutes left».

To share a fixed location, click the location button at the top right of the map. There you can search for a specific location.

As you can see, it is very easy to use the new localization tools that have come out of the hand of Google Maps in Facebook Messenger.

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