How to insert music and audio on a PowerPoint slide

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To grab the attention of your viewers, it's always better decorate your slides with engaging content. There are many ways to generate this in those who see you, striking colors, images, and of course audios are useful for this purpose as well.

With well-placed audio, you'll grab attention in your presentations, demonstrating your responsibility and focus. Also, knowing how to master the tools will give you credibility, denoting that you strive to do everything right.

It is also possible to record audio in a PowerPoint presentation, in other words, to register, which could undoubtedly be very useful for delivering an excellent presentation.

How to insert music and audio on a PowerPoint slide

Before starting and inserting music in PowerPoint, it is highly recommended that you know the best professional audio editing programs, which will help you prepare that song you want to include in your slides.

The basic process for insert audio in PowerPoint is very simple, in fact anyone regardless of their knowledge will be able to do it very easily. To insert audio into a slide, follow the steps below.

The basic process for inserting audio into PowerPoint

  • Find the slide you want to apply audio to.
  • Once on the slide, go up Inserisci.
  • Then look for the option Audio o Audio, which is distinguished by showing the small icon of a speaker.
  • PowerPoint presents us with two options, one is to directly record the audio you want to insert, with the other you can search for the audio you want on your PC. In this case let's focus on the second, then select Audio on my PC o Audio in File.
  • This will open a new tab through which you will search for your audio. When you find it, click on Inserisci.
  • After the above, your audio symbol will appear on the slide. You can drag it to a corner to make it more comfortable for you.
  • After this you will already have a audio on your slide. In any case, said audio will not be played automatically, to listen to it you need to press the Play button on it.
  • In case you want it to play automatically when that slide is reached, you need to click on the audio and in the tab Playback, change the option starts from: "On click" to "Automatically"

This is the basic process for inserting audio into a slide. This process will be very useful for customizing our presentation.

Same audio on all slides

Using a background theme for your presentation can go a long way in adding dynamism. As for the musical choice, it is purely personal, however, if you don't have audio that convinces you, know that it is possible to record audio from the internet and export it to mp3 with Audacity, which you can use later in PowerPoint.

Fortunately, Power point allows us to use the same audio on all slides in a very simple way, to do it follow these steps:

  • After inserting audio into a slide, go to its icon.
  • Now go to the play option and note that the start option is selected. It should also be in Automatically.
  • Enable the Play on all slides option.
  • After this you will have background music for each of the slides.

Useful tips for customizing the audio on your PowerPoint slides

There are some useful options this powerful Microsoft tool presents to us to customize our audios. Some of them will be very useful in improving the quality of our presentation.

Audio fade

The Fade option Duration allows us to create a fade of our audio. This means that we can configure the audio to start with a low volume and gradually increase in intensity, the same way it is valid to lower the volume at the end.

To configure the option, simply choose the time of the fade, both for its beginning and its end.


The volume option can be very useful for normalize your audio, that is, to balance the volumes between the different sounds you include in your presentation. In this case it is advisable to listen correctly and to set the most convenient parameter.

The above steps will be very helpful in getting a high quality presentation. Besides that, it is very convenient to use techniques such as animating text or words at the same time in PowerPoint, which will undoubtedly help improve your work greatly.

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