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Although originally in this social network its purpose was photos. It has changed its content to include videos, GIFs, texts and now music.

These instagram stories they are published and last only 24 hours, so they are automatically deleted. This novelty has also brought with it that you can see which users have seen your stories, but if you don't want them to know that you have seen their story, I invite you to follow the steps in our article.

As mentioned above, it's not just about music, but song lyrics as well. And it's not about sharing what you hear from an external application like Spotify, but about sharing it from within Instagram same .

This new Instagram strain is available for i systems Android e iOS. Here you will be explained how to use this tool so that you can have fun when posting your stories, let's see a step by step.

Put music and lyrics in Instagram stories

The first thing is to locate the Instagram application on our Android or iOS mobile. Then enter ours Instagram profile.

Step 1: Locate the camera on Instagram

Press the icon of camera located in the upper left corner of the screen, from there you can share your story.

Step 2: Upload your content

Now you can choose which content you want to upload. You can take one photo o do a video at that moment with the camera, which also has many filters to use them whenever you want, masks and various options. Or choose a file from ours gallery.

After you have decided, you should go to the next step.


Then at the top you will see several icons. Select the icon of adhesives. Inside you will see several options such as hastag, mention and you will see an icon that says "music". This icon is between «position» and «GIF», for Android devices, for iOS devices between «GIF» and «time».

Why don't I see the option to insert music and song lyrics in Instagram stories?

In some cases, some users don't see this option. This is because Instagram is gradually activating it for all its customers. It is a function, maybe in test, but that has had excellent results.

Don't think it's your question or something else that happened, it's just a matter of time before you have it.

Categories and duration of songs and lyrics in Instagram stories

This option to put music and lyrics It also allows you to choose the most popular songs of the moment or see the list that separates the songs according to moods and another by musical genres.

The time limit is 5 seconds minimum and maximum is 15 seconds. There are different letter sizes you choose the one that looks best to you to appear in your story.

With this new option, constant Intagram users get a good variety of ways to convey different messages with the ability to be creative and ingenious.

A new feature that Instagram has created to further customize your account on the social networks, with easy-to-use tools. Both you and your followers will appreciate this feature.

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