How to insert or add watermark to PDF documents online without programs

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Many users use these PDF files to save the official documentation such as company invoices; then it is necessary that these documents have some stamp or personal signature that proves that it is ours.

An effective way to preserve any of your creations from third party plagiarism is to attach a watermark to the PDF prepared on the document; The idea of ​​this article is just that, for learn how to place these marks.

What is a watermark?

It is a message in the form of a signature, stamp or logo which is placed on a text, a document or an image in superimposed form, with the aim of protecting the copyright or the copyright of some materials.

Must have one some transparency so that it can be viewed without interrupting what you want to protect. The idea is to protect the interests of digital works from certain illegal uses without the permission of the creator; they are widely used in image banks.

Watermarks also serve a promote certain brands or digital pages; adding the logo to each image or document, thus promoting your business. This way you will know where the information is coming from.

There are several ways to make these marks. Design experts can add a watermark to photos in Corel Photo Paint; but if that's not your case, there are other simpler ways how to put a watermark in LibreOffice Writer.

It is such a widespread practice that you can even add a watermark to the background of an Outlook email and even put a watermark on your photos from your Android or iPhone mobile. There are many techniques and programs for this purpose; but later you will see an online way to do them.

What is a PDF document?

It is important to mention what a PDF document is, in order to then understand the entire procedure that you want to carry out; PDF in English stands for Portable Document Format, that is portable document format.

It was developed by Adobe Systems and it is a format for storing digital documents on a computer regardless of the software or hardware we have; It is widely used on the internet, due to its ease of use and small size.

How to put or add watermark to PDF documents online without programs?

Watermarks can be text or an image, in this case we will explain a text:

  1. First we click on the PDF document to which we want to put the watermark. Then the file is being dragged on the web page where we will add this sign
  2. We will drop the document and we will observe that it appears but in miniature, so at the bottom of the page there are a series of parameters that we have to complete related to the «Watermark type» you want.
  3. For example "Text", Typography "," Transparency "," Level "," Brand Position ", "On which pages do you want the watermark" and the "Rotation" you want. For example: in the text we can insert the word «Draft», in the typography the font and color are chosen.
  4. Subsequently in transparency the percentage that's right for you, then in layer if the watermark is placed above or below the content. Then the position if you want it in the center, at the bottom or at the top, and finally the degrees that the rotation should have.
  5. After entering the data, click on "Insert watermark" and appears on the computer; we finish the process by clicking on "Save".

We can see that placing a watermark in PDF files is easy, fast and free. Which is a way to protect and protect your digital works from unscrupulous people; who wish to obtain credit, through your effort.

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