How to insert or change color in a cell with conditional formatting in Excel

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- Excel conditional they are great for simplifying many tasks, thanks to them we can provide a very reading table. In this way, the work will also be facilitated.

Giving cell color with conditional formatting is similar to changing the color of a row based on the text / value of a cell in Excel. At least in terms of its practical function, understanding its usefulness today we will teach you how to color conditional cells, a process that can be done very easily.

What is the use of putting or changing color in a cell with conditional formatting in Excel?

Surely you came to this tutorial with the idea of ​​applying conditionals to your tables, anyway, do you know what this function is for? The truth is you can do A lot of things with conditionals, but today we will talk about a specific case.

In any case, before making this improvement to the table, it is essential that you fully master conditionals or know how to use FormatConditions VBA to add conditional formatting to a range in Excel, as such knowledge will greatly facilitate the work shown below.

Emphasize highs and lows

Anyone who owns a business knows they will be there ups and downs, this is something perfectly understandable, it happens in practically any business. In case you keep accounts, it can be very helpful to apply specific conditionals to your tables.

One of the most useful conditions for highlighting lows and highs in a table are conditionals Min and Max. Through them it is possible to indicate low sales and those best positioned in the table, which is also useful for keeping track of employees. At the same time, it is perfectly possible to add conditional to cells from a macro and filter by color, similar to what is mentioned in this guide.

How to insert or change color in a cell with conditional formatting in Excel

Many people get complicated when it comes to conditionals, but if things are done correctly you won't have any major problems, it can also be very helpful. This time you will learn how change the color of a conditional cell within Excel.

Display of minimum and maximum sales

  • The first step is to place yourself in the space selected for the minimum figures, in our case it is the amount of the month in which the least income was generated. In the example table it is the cell F14. On it write the formula =MIN(E5:G11) what is in brackets are the data cells.
  • For the maximum amount, repeat the same process, in our case the formula would be =MAX(E5:G11).

Show minimum and maximum sales within tables with conditionals

  • The first step is to select the entire data range, in our table it goes from the cell D5 a F11. Now go to Home and search Conditional and click New rule.
  • Click on the option Use a formula that determines which cells to apply formatting to.
  • It's time to create the conditional for the minimum amounts within the data in our case it would be = $ E5 = $ G $ 14. Now change the formatting options so that the target cell is automatically marked with the conditional and hit OK.
  • For the maximum amount, repeat the procedure, but changing the data for the maximum amount cell, the figure would be like this = $ E5 = $ G $ 15 in our case.
  • As for the format, you can choose what you want, but we recommend that you select the same in the cells below. In our case we have decided to apply a pink fill for the minimum sales and a green fill for the maximum ones.

After the previous process, you will have automatically marked the cells with the lowest and highest digits. Through the conditional, this process is very simple and you can also improve the quality of your documents in Excel.

In connection with this, it is also recommended to know how to insert or change color in a cell based on text in Excel, another tool used to organize Excel work.

Finally, remember that we have many tutorials like this which can be very useful, so don't forget to browse our website to learn in the simplest and most practical way.

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