How to insert or put a video in Power Point

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For this reason we will teach you  how to insert or put a video in Power Point.

Its use has increased, since they were created tutorial which clearly and precisely explain how to use this tool. It is estimated that more than 25 million presentations per day have to be made worldwide. That is why the work we will present below is so valuable.

How to insert or put a video in Power Point

To get started, let's use the program Microsoft Power Point 2016 and then we select a blank sheet. This is to be able to insert a video, also from YouTube, in our presentation sheet. We will show the two ways in which the program has to insert a video that we have on our computer or from the Internet.

We may also have the possibility to record a video in our presentation and insert it using the techniques or functions that we will explain to insert or put a video in Power Point.

Insert videos from my PC

After selecting our blank sheet, let's go to the menu at the top of the screen and click on the tab Insert. Now let's go to the right end of that tab and select the Video option. The Video option will appear in My Computer, We select by creating a clip.

A new window will appear with the name Insert Video, we search for the video there, select and then click Insert. The video will appear on our presentation sheet, we can then make a clip to play it and we will see that the video is already inserted in the presentation sheet. And we can view it as many times as we want.

It is important to clarify that if the videos are very heavy or their playing time is very long or their image quality is very good. This can make the presentation of our slide very slow and therefore take a long time to display.

Incorporate online video

To use this option, we proceed in the same way as in the previous step, go to the top menu and click on the tab Inserisci. So let's go to the right end of that tab and select the video option. Then two options will be presented and we will make a video clip in lines.

Now at this point a window will appear that gives us the possibility to insert videos but through Bing, YouTube. Using an address or URL or a social network such as Facebook. In each of these platforms, it can be done similar to how we would do if we were to insert a video using Word.

Once this is done, selecting the YouTube option as an example, we place the word in the video search engine, wait for it to load, select it and create a clip in Insert. We have to be careful with all those videos that contain copyright restrictions.

It is possible that you do not insert the video directly on the slide and when you create a clip on the insert key it will download an interface. Click OK in the windows that appear, save and voila, your video will appear correctly inserted in our slide.

If you have a specific address, you can copy and paste it into From a code to embed the video. And then you create a clip in the search, the video will show, it will load, you will select it, and the next step will be to create a clip on insert.

As you can see inserting videos using Power Point is very simple. And you just have to practice these methods so that you can make projects of appreciable visual quality.

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