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Keep reading this article and find out how to do it. Step by step we will explain one way simple, easy and without tricks to get more photos in the same Instagram story.

Upload multiple photos to your Instagram story using Facebook

As we know,  Instagram was acquired by the social media mogul Facebook, connecting all the most used social networks in a single system. So if you have Facebook and Instagram this solution is very simple.

You just have to make sure that you have linked your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Here we will explain it to you so that you can upload multiple photos in the same story, these steps are to do it from your android mobile.

Step 1: Log into Facebook

The first thing is to go to the Facebook application. If you don't have the Facebook application on your mobile you can download it from the Play Store.

After starting the Facebook application, we need to go to the button of the camera. When we are inside the camera, we just have to search our photo gallery for the image we want to upload or take a new photo to upload.

Step 2: add a second photo

After selecting our main photo, we will look for the Stickers icon. Within this you will get different icons for various actions, select the gallery and then search for the second photo you want to add to yours instagram story.

This will be added automatically and you can even move it to make it bigger or smaller depending on the design or the taste you are looking for in history.

Step 3: Download the image

After preparing our two photos in the same Instagram story, it's time to save them to share. You just have to press the «Download» button located at the top right of the screen.

And voila our photos are ready to be shared. You are only one step away.

Step 4: Share on Instagram

Now you need to go to the Instagram application, open the camera and select the image from gallery of our cell phone. You will see the image with the two photos you added earlier.

You can add a sticker or even add music and song lyrics to Instagram Stories if you like. Then you share it and your followers will see two photos in the same Instagram story.

Variety in our Instagram Stories

With this function you can make yours more varied stories on instagram where you don't just upload a single photo at a time but multiple photos.

Instantly showing your followers, who can be your friends or family, what's going on.

Recall that since Instagram and Facebook belong to the same entrepreneurs, they are always looking for a way to create functions between them. And this way of uploading multiple photos

At the beginning we told you that putting or uploading multiple photos in the same Instagram story is it was easy and the few lines that explain it prove it.

Ideally, you decide what content they want to see and this way of viewing more than one photo at a time is a great idea, especially if you are using this social network as a massive way to reach potential customers or grab the attention of new customers. .

Now you just have to try and see how it ends with this new function that Instagram offers us and that you have learned by reading this article.

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