How to insert or write exponents in Word - that easy?

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Write or put an exponent in Word

To get started, you can insert or write exponents in Word using the function apex of this word processing program.

Using Microsoft Office Word, it is one of the easiest and simplest ways to write or insert an exponent, and it is also a method that generates the best results.

To start writing an exponent using the superscript function, you need to do the following:

  • Start starting the Microsoft Word program.
  • Now you need to write any text or expression that the exponent can be part of.


Before writing the exponent

  • You need to click on the button » apex »Found in the section» Character »From the Home tab of the Microsoft Word program bar to activate the function» apex «.
    Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl + Shift + = to activate the Apex function.
  • Now that you have activated the option " apex «, Everything you are about to write is added at a high level on the respective line and using a smaller font style than the rest of the text, which allows written text to be in the form of an exponent.
  • You have to write the exponent with the superscript function always active.

When you are done writing the exponent

  • You must select the button » apex »Which can also be found in the section» Character »From the Home tab of the Microsoft Word program bar, press once again to deactivate» apex «.
    You can press again Ctrl + Shift + = to get the same result.
  • By disabling Superscript you can ensure that the text you write after the exponent remains the same font size and height as the rest of the text.

The end result of this method actually looks like a exponent if written by hand, which is the most significant advantage this method has to offer.


Add exponents in Microsoft Word Online

with microsoft Online you can also insert or write exponents in Word and other features provided by the online version. However, there may be a problem. To use Microsoft programs, you need to have a Microsoft account, which is free.

The other problem is that, in case it wasn't obvious from the name, you can't use Microsoft Word Online without being connected to a connection of network. The last drawback, Microsoft Word Online is a version tablet of your office program, it lacks many of its more advanced features.

This reason is not of vital importance, as it still has the apex where is the exponent option, in addition to the subscripts.

  • You must first start yours browser preferred.
  • Now search for Microsoft Word Online.
  • You must enter using your account and password before you can start using Microsoft Word Online.
  • Once logged in, create a blank document by selecting » New blank document «.
  • Now write any two numbers. Just to practice.
  • Highlight the second number you wrote. At the top, select the tab » Home «.
  • Within the text editing tools there are " Bold " And " Underline ". On the right there is " Font color «, There are three horizontal points, which are more character options. Select it and a small menu window will open.
  • When you have highlighted the second number, click on » apex »And the highlighted number will be reduced.
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