How to insert page numbers in Excel spreadsheets

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The truth is, knowing how to enter page numbers in Excel is a knowledge that anyone could benefit from, even if they haven't yet seen the need to use it. In this sense, and as in text files, even if you know that spreadsheets allow you to list your pages, you just need to know in which area to look for that. configuration.

How to insert page numbers in Excel

To start the process of enumeration, as we have already said, you do not have to be in the simple or normal view of the document. Since it is this, the numbers will never be displayed. Actually, you have to be in visualization Layout of page. It should be noted that the digits to be configured can be placed in the footer or in the header. It is up to each user.

First of all, you have to place the page layout as your display preference, this is achieved by choosing this option in the lower right part of the calculation program. So, you have to go to the file " Inserisci »And then locate the button» Text «, Found in the menu at the top right.

Within this section, select " Head. note ”To be able to edit it, you need to click on any of the sections that have the header. This will allow you to choose the card " Planning «, Where the footer and header elements are placed.

In this way the button " Number of page »which will lead to the insertion of the code «& [Page]» that Excel will take as a guide to place said numbering.

Insert total pages

If after entering page numbers in Excel you need to include the total number of sheets who has the document, you can also get it. What you need to do is to go through the insertion process normally numbering of the page in question, and in the same Header box do the following:

  • Stay on the tab Planning.
  • In the header, after the code " & [Page] ", Write the word" da «.
  • Then select the button » Number of pages »In the top menu. This will give us this result "& [Page] of & [Pages]".

When you exit the header modification, the spreadsheet will automatically show what has been done, for example "1 of 5" at the top.

Use the Page Setup box

Another way to achieve the goal of inserting page numbers in Excel is through the dialog box " Set page «.

This is a small shortcut found (from normal view) in the » Layout of page »just below the button» Print titles ". As a result, this dialog box will appear, in which you need to click on the option "Header and Footer"

Therefore, both the header and footer customization will appear in the part Central of the window. It should be selected based on what you want.

Finally, the configuration section will open, which has three spaces to choose from to place the number, then select » Inserisci To continue. It will also generate the code " & [Page] ". From here on, the procedure is the same as for the first method, and upon completion you will be able to successfully save, send or print your spreadsheet.

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