How to insert symbols into an object with a 3D effect in Adobe Illustrator

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We have already seen that to create a 3D effect on an object you need to insert a symbol, this must have been created previously. Otherwise it will be impossible to print the desired effect on our object. And for that reason we have brought you the following article which will show you how to insert symbols into an object with a 3D effect in Adobe Illustrator.

We can create these symbols on the spot or have created them previously and saved them in the symbols panel. The versatility of this program allows you to do it in advance. We have already talked about how easy it is to work with this application and how we can convert an image to a vector.

There are several ways to create a 3D effect with Adobe Illustrator, it can be by extrusion, by turning, and now we will show you how to achieve this effect by inserting symbols and also these tools have several options that allow you to have a very wide range of possibilities.

How to insert symbols into an object with a 3D effect in Adobe Illustrator

Because you can enter in a very simple way gods symbols in an object with a 3D effect in Adobe Illustrator. You need to follow the steps below, first of all you should know that only illustrations that are in two dimensions can be added to 3D objects. And these in turn need to be stored in the symbols panel.

It is important to verify that in this panel there are those symbols that you will use in your project. In the symbols panel, in the lower left part there is an icon that if we click there we can insert new symbols in our panel. Here we can select by packages and from them we can choose what we like.

You can add as many as you want and you will see them inserted in the panel, now we will go to our worksheet. And in it we will create a four centimeter square, you leave it without color and now go to the main menu. In it choose the Effects tab, to apply what you want, in our case we choose  the 3D option and then Extrude and Bevel.

When performing this action, the window will appear, where we can make the desired configuration, now in order to insert symbols on each face of the object, we must select the option Map illustration. In the window of this option, in the upper left part we can choose the symbol that we are going to insert on the face of the object.

Setting up and using various options for inserting symbols in Adobe Illustrator

We will have at hand all those symbols that we have chosen previously, and they will be inserted in the different faces of the object. The face we have chosen will be shown in red, by default the symbol is centered on the face of the object. But if we want to modify it, we can do it, whether we want to enlarge it, reduce it, rotate it, etc.

We can also choose the Change the scale option to fit it, this will set it to the full size of the object face. We have to make an observation and you have to be very careful with this and that is that the application will indicate that the object has multiple faces. And that's because it will show you both the inner and outer faces, so you should know well which one you are selecting.

However, in this options window you can do whatever you want with i symbols you are inserting into the 3D object.   You can adapt it to your complete discernment, and most importantly, it always shows you the preview of the changes made. And these can be deleted and continue testing with the symbol that best fits your project.

There is also a very interesting option and it is Invisible geometry, when you select it the color of the object is cleared and you will only see the symbols you added. And when you are done you have to double click on the Ok option. And in this way we have taught you how to insert symbols into an object with a 3D effect in Adobe Illustrator.

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