How to Insert Table of Contents in Microsoft Publisher - Quick and Easy

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Microsoft Publisher, formerly known as Microsoft Office Publisher, has established itself as one of the most popular and used computer applications among those offered by the Microsoft company within its toolkit.

It is also known as a program, which tries to provide an easy to edit history, something quite similar to its product Word twin.

Within its options, we can find different creation options such as logo design, personalization and, in turn, with a simple way so that it is shared easily. Likewise, within its options, it has a wide variety of publications, as well as ideal marketing material for all those who wish to create catalogs of the products and services they wish to offer on the market.

Within its tools, it also includes various templates, installed and likewise some to customize and download easily accessible from its official website.

How to insert a table of contents

If you have the task of inserting a table of contents in a publication Publisher, this action may take a little more work, with which we want to help you.

To get started you need to add a box of text, as well as a series of tabs that only need to line up on the right side with the padding.

As for those characters that they have a filling, we refer to points, dashes or even lines, which usually appear immediately after the titles of chapters and sections. All this is contained in a summary that we will teach you to include in this post.

To insert a table of contents, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Going directly to the Home tab, you need to proceed to click on the option Draw text box.
  2. Right inside the publication, you have to proceed to click on the space where you want to place the summary. We recommend at this point that it is right, in a corner of the text, so that it can later be dragged into diagonal, as long as it can't be brought into the box, it's just the size you want.
  3. This is the moment in which you have to write the title that will have the summary that you are going to insert, then press the key ENTER.
  4. Next, in the horizontal ruler, you need to double-click on the part where you want it to appear, the number of pages.
  5. Positioning in the dialog box, you need to select its Tabs and Alignments. After that, proceed to click on the right button and here you can choose the style you want to fill that section with. Next, you need to click the Accept button.
  6. Here and finally you have to write the entry that will have your summary.

Benefits of using Microsoft Publisher

Thanks to his new ones updates, its users have new and great experiences, which provide them with a new and dynamic vision with which you can create more user-friendly files and documents for your businesses.

You'll also get an improved preview of all of yours papers, facilitating the visualization of the same and their access during the modification.

Thanks to its updates, you will be able to connect with all your customers, thanks to its very modern personalization of publications, with which you will also have the possibility to convert all your publications into PDF o XPS.

Its design tools are designed in such a way as to help you simplify the process of creating all your publications, so that you can save time and effort.

Its many new features help you take advantage of the space and its resources, so you can make the most of the time you have invested in said work.

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