How to insert, upload and publish a WhatsApp audio or voice memo on Instagram Stories

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There are different platforms and social networks to publish our content, be it photos, videos and even conversations with different users around the world. In this article we will show you how insert, upload and publish a WhatsApp audio or voice memo on Instagram Stories.

What are WhatsApp and Instagram? And how are they related to each other?

Today we will take into account the use of the instant messaging application "WhatsApp", intended for the use of chats, to communicate between users who have so-called "smartphones" or latest generation mobile phones, but not only up to that point.

This application can also be used on our computers, with or without a registered phone number. For now there are many versions for different operating systems, among them is available for Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows devices.

This application allows you to send text messages, unlimited photos and even voice notes that allow us greater ease and fluency in everyday conversations, especially if your telephone company has breakdowns during calls in a conventional way. Currently these voice messages are used in a sister application called Instagram.

This application called Instagram is also used to send messages, but its main use is to share content, be it images or videos, and it also has a wide range of options to edit such content and make it more attractive, in order to attract more users to the account you want to promote, which can be personal or used by your company to share your content.

Both social networks and applications have many options in common, one of them is the famous «Stories», which you can have more visits. They are used for post pictures or videos temporarily in a period of 24 hours or less, at the discretion of the person.

That is why one of the techniques currently used either to share opinions or simply as a reason for humor, is to use audio notes sent to WhatsApp that have a maximum limit of 15 minutes (time that is rarely used, since the average is less than 3 minutes) and share them in the stories of both the same application and Instagram. Here we will show you how to do it.

The action of sharing WhatsApp voice messages on Instagram can be done in two ways depending on the device we have, since some have the option natively, while in others it is need to download an application.

Enter voice notes in Stories from Apple devices.

In the iOS system this option is natively defined, you just need to go into "Settings", Then "Control centers" to activate the option "Screen recording". Once activated, simply scroll down the screen and press «start», once pressed it should play only the voice message.

When you want to finish, wait for the audio to finish or just stop it, press the button «stop» and wait for the audio to appear in video format in the mobile gallery. When that happens, it will be available for use in Instagram Stories.

Insert voice notes in Stories from Android devices.

Loading this type of content from Android is very similar to the process running from an iOS device, only Android doesn't have the option natively, so you need to download an application to record screenshots. One of the examples used would be to download «Xrecorder».

Once installed on your device, you enter it and go up "Settings", so like the previous press "Control center" and inside it just press the symbol + di "Record screen".

touches «Start recording »And go immediately to WhatsApp, where you can play the audio you want to publish, once finished you go back to "Control center" and press the red button to finish screen recording.

You just have to go to our gallery. So let's go to Instagram and hit «your story», which is at the top left, look for the video with the voice note and simply share it with the world.

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