How to install 3 operating systems on a Linux and Windows PC - Quick and easy

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Computers are highly functional tools in people's daily life, which you can use as you please. Many users resort to installing 3 operating systems inside a PC in order to exploit the abilities of each.

It is important to note that these types of configurations are only possible on those PCs whose hardware does not belong to a specific brand. For example, computers distributed by Apple.

In addition to the functions that characterize each operating system, this option is feasible if you want to give each one a specific use.

For reference, some users have decided to make two or more partitions on their computer, they may make the decision to install Linux to perform operations that require a high level of security.

Likewise, he decides to install the Windows operating system on another of its partitions, specifically version 7. There you will be able to perform entertainment activities and games.

Something similar happens with those who decide to install three operating systems inside their PC. Within each, specific tasks can be subdivided that require a parameter of utility, safety and information.

That is why in this article you can learn how to do this job, always ensuring the necessary degree of security for your PC.

Requirements you must meet before installing three operating systems on one PC

Making the decision that your computer runs on more than one operating system is a tricky one. Failure to perform the work as indicated it can compromise the team.

For the benefit of all, this is not quite a process characterized by high levels of difficulty. That's why you just need to make sure you have the following before you start:

Partition your hard drive before starting installations

Through the Internet there are many methods that they recommend to perform memory fragmentation while running the process of installing three operating systems on one computer.

While this can be achieved, it is best to create these partitions just before starting, so that you already have a space allocated for each of the systems.

This way you can too avoid selecting the wrong one. Also avoiding compromising the information found on the hard drive.

If you are installing Windows, store the drivers on a removable device

Inside a pendrive or any other type of device, this is very useful because you it will save you the time to download them again after making the installations.

Make sure that the means by which the operating system will be installed are working correctly

More than once it has happened that the installation process of three operating systems inside the same computer fails because the BIOS is unable to boot from the required media. Aside from this possible problem, you need to prepare your bootable portable or USB device with the operating systems you want to install.

Therefore, whether you decide to do it via a disk or some removable device, the most recommended is check its correct functioning before starting the process.

Easily manage three operating systems on your computer

After making sure you comply with the recommendations mentioned above. Now you just have to start the process installation of your new operating systems.

Whatever your computer is currently running, in case you want to install a version of Windows, it's best to start with that operating system.

This is because the Microsoft operating system has a startup manager that blocks all others. Which would be a shame after spending so much time installing them.

Installing three operating systems does not require another method that you are not currently familiar with. You will only need to tell the computer to boot from the disk or device where the installer is located.

Once you have identified the memory fragmentation that corresponds to each of them, it will only be necessary to wait for the process to complete automatically to continue with the next one until it completes.

It's ready! Now you know how to install 3 operating systems on the same PC. Also, every time start the PC, you will see a screen asking you to select the operating system you want to access. You just have to select and press "Enter" to start using them.

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