How to Install a WhatsApp Style Keyboard on Any Android - Quick and Easy

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Any application that requires some words to be written will necessarily require the use of a keyboard. A simple example is text messaging on the mobile network, messaging via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a myriad of applications.

In the case of Android devices, the keyboard that is previously configured is the Gboard keyboard, a simple and sophisticated keyboard that has all the tools needed to write a text.

Gboard proves to be very useful, as it has predictive text among the writing options, which makes the way people type a message easier and more practical, but many times users try to change the keyboard of their mobile.

How to install a WhatsApp style keyboard on any Android?

There are currently more apps available on the Android platform for users who want to customize their devices. Among these are keyboard apps, where users can choose from the best keyboards to download.

This type of tool is quite enough easy to use. The user just needs to choose the keyboard that best suits both his personality and his mobile device. This way you can give it a better and comfortable use.

Currently there is a predisposition on the part of users to use the so-called "Emoji" or also called emoticons or emotions, which are a kind of symbols or faces that express emotions, attitudes and activities.

The keyboard designed by the application WhatsApp it is quite complete at this point and it can even be said that the messaging application was in charge of developing these symbols.

Due to this, the creators of this app took it upon themselves to create a keyboard tool that basically has a keyboard similar to WhatsApp. But unlike this, it can be used in all messaging classes of the device and have called it tastiera Wa.

Steps to install a WhatsApp style keyboard on any Android

Installing this type of keyboard is actually quite simple. Below we will indicate all the steps:

  • Enter the Play Store
  • In the search engine of the same it is necessary to add the name Wa Keyboard
  • Here are several alternatives. Choose the one that suits you best.
  • Select the button Install and wait for the download process to complete.
  • Once the app is installed, you just need to enter the menu bar of your Android device and access its Settings or Configuration.
  • Next, you need to select the option On-screen keyboard and then a bar will appear with the keyboards available to use, normally you will find the keyboard for Android Gboard and the newly installed Wa Keyboard. Press on the latter and from that moment you can start using it.

Another method of using the keyboard

Go to the menu panel and select Settings o Configuration.
Access the option "Language and introduction".
Access the section Keyboards and methods of input and select Tastiera Wa.
You can activate the “Spell Correction” option in the “Language and Introduction” section, bearing in mind that this tool is quite useful.

Keyboards similar to the WhatsApp keyboard.

Currently, there are more than a thousand Apps in the mobile app market ready to use a different and customized keyboard. However, the most popular for its operation and multiple options are Wa Keyboard, SwiftKey, Gboard, Minuum.

These Apps differ from the others for their incredible predictive action, spell check, the various themes to apply, the adjustments to the size of the on-screen keyboard, the use of the voice search between effects applications and many other alternatives.

However, none of the other keyboards possess the incredible variety of emoticons and symbols of the WhatsApp Wa keyboard. Other platforms are available, but accessing them is much more complicated.

However, the best alternative to enjoy one versatile and smart keyboard adapted to the messaging network, which adapts to your Android smartphone, is this.

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