How to install a wireless network card in a desktop PC for wireless WiFi? - Very easy

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It doesn't seem unreasonable to think that without knowing anything or very little about computers, we can by ourselves create installations that at first glance seem complicated. Well, let me tell you that if you can and you will see how simple it is, if you follow the steps below, we will introduce you.

Because you can  install a wireless network card in a desktop PC for wireless WiFi, very easy.

With the advent of WiFi technology, we can connect a wireless network card and avoid the annoying use of cables. This, in addition to giving us freedom of movement at home, allows us to do without the use of cables and connectors that often damage and turn our world upside down. You will quickly see the advantages and benefits of having such a connection.

Remember that we will install a wireless network card in a desktop PC to have wireless WiFi. This is very different from installing a WiFi router, modem, and access point, which is something totally different.

How to install a wireless network card in a desktop PC for wireless WiFi?

In the technology market there is a wide variety of wireless network cards, but when buying we have to look for the one that offers us not only the best price. If not also particular characteristics that allow us a stable and fast connection. Such as the transfer rate, the frequency with which it operates, etc.

As you already know, unlike a laptop, a personal computer does not have an adapter that makes a WiFi connection possible. That is why we will carry out this simple procedure, but very carefully following the instructions that we offer you in the tutorial, as we will manipulate the inside of your personal computer.

But before we get started, you should know that we will open the PC, so that we can install a wireless network card to have WiFi. This is something you need to be very clear about, as this will lose the guarantee that your equipment can enjoy. If you have no problem with this, we can continue with the installation.

The advantage that the WiFi network cards is that they offer us a stable connection, maintaining a constant speed and better quality. This is if we compare it with other more practical devices such as the USB WiFi adapter. Where the reception and emission range of the signal can be affected by obstacles in the room.

Installing the wireless network card in a desktop PC

This can be a bit of a complex task if you're not familiar with opening up the unit, but it's not impossible either. Just have a little patience, go at your own pace and be very careful, remember that the internal components of a computer can be very sensitive especially to static current of your hands, we will now proceed as follows:

First, we will pay for our equipment and wait for the unit to cool completely, then we will take the precaution of wearing some sort of antistatic protection. Let's proceed to remove the computer case cover. The next step will be to locate the free PCI or PCI-E port on the motherboard.

Now let's go and unscrew the bracket, done this, let's move on to place our plate in the slot, we have to do it very gently. He shouldn't be forced to go in and fit tightly. Finally we are going to screw the screws of the bracket, ready we can put the lid back on and connect the PC to the electrical outlet.

The next thing we will do is turn on the computer and wait for it to start up so that it recognizes the new peripheral we have installed. It will also install the necessary controls to function properly. And in this way the wireless network card it will come installed in a desktop PC for wireless WiFi.

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