How to install and activate the SSL security certificate in WordPress

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Security certificates are very useful and important on web pages. If you use WordPress, how can you install and activate the SSL security certificate?

An SSL certificate, short for Secure Sockets Layer, is a title that authenticates the identity of a website, which results in the transmission of data between a user and a server, or vice versa, over the Internet, being secure.

Translated SSL means " ax socket layer». This certificate encrypts all information flowing between web pages and servers. This will prevent cyber scammers from discovering the information exchange you are doing. While making these or other changes you can hide or place the WordPress blog under construction.

Beware of the «not safe» warning of some web pages

Perhaps it has happened to you that when you open an internet page, right next to the address of the site you are entering, the warning «not safe» appears. When this happens to you, it is best not to exchange any private information or data.

If the webpage or blog you manage doesn't have a safety certificate, such as in SSL, users will hesitate to use it, as they don't want to take any chances.

We therefore invite you to install and apply the SSL security certificate in WordPress, in this way those interested in your website will feel safe, and you will appear among the first, in the results of search engines. IS a very simple procedure, it will take you a few minutes and you will get many benefits.

How to install and activate the SSL security certificate

You need to locate yourself in the web hosting you used when publishing your website. A web hosting, or web hosting, is simply a space on the internet for your server. There are many, which are also free. Once there, you need to click on the tab "Certificates". Find the SSL security certificate e install it on your domain.

Verify that it has been installed correctly. When you open your website, you have a control panel, from which you manage everything necessary for your website or blog to have the certificates you need.

Go to that section and check that SSL is installed in the domain you want. Another way to find out is to re-enter the webpage in the search engine, if it appears a green padlock next to the address, it means that your page is protected and you will surely have more visits from now on.

Configure SSL security certificate in WordPress directly

In case you continue to receive the notice " not sure «, Don't worry, if you use WordPress, you can fix it. Here we will show you how to install and activate the SSL security certificate in WordPress. After you have downloaded the SSL certificate for your domain, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the WordPress control panel.
  2. Click on General Settings.
  3. Found at: WordPress address (URL).
  4. Next to "http" and before the colon, put the letter "s".
  5. Repeat this step in the next point, that is in " Site address ».
  6. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the "Save changes" tab.
  7. Re-enter your website and verify. The green lock will appear to indicate that your page is safe.

Google search engines encourage the use of security certificates on web pages. So, if you want your page or blog to have a lot more visits, be safe and also recommended, you should worry about installing and applying the SSL security certificate.

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