How to install applications that are not in Google Play or App Store of unknown origin?

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Certainly you want to get the best existing applications, and for this you have mainly resorted to Google Play or the App Store. We already know that it is possible to go back to previous versions of applications, but perhaps you want to install an application not from Google Play, but from an external page or of unknown origin. We invite you to find out how to install this type of application, you will see how easy it can be.

In a world that moves at breakneck speed, there are technological tools that allow some things to be easier to carry. For example, you can save the time it would take to go to the bank simply by using an application installed on your mobile device. This is also applicable at the level of communication, entertainment and other things. Many applications

Access applications of unknown origin in just a few steps

There is a small hurdle you have to overcome to install applications of unknown origin. And is that, by default, the smartphones we use do not allow us to access them unless we give ourselves an authorization manual for download. To do this we need to go to the phone settings and go to the section that says Security.

Among the options that are shown to us when we open this area is the part that interests us, “Unknown sources”. When pressed, the phone will give us a warning message in which mentions that we will be more vulnerable to the attacks that these unknown files can bring with them. It also reminds us that we are fully responsible for any damage to your phone caused by these applications.

Having understood the risks involved in installing an application of unknown origin outside of Google Play or the Play Store, we accept and have already granted access to any application that is not in the Google Play or App Store. Note that to install these files of unknown origin on your phone, you need to download an APK installer also available in Google Play itself.

How to protect yourself from imminent dangers when installing applications of unknown origin outside of Google Play?

It is a reality that when we download applications with licenses approved by the respective companies, the our phone will stay safer. While some may have problems downloading, the fact that they are in Google Play or the App Store guarantees us a great decrease in the risk of carrying malicious files.

Since those of unknown origin are more risky, we can reduce the dangers if we previously install an antivirus on the mobile phone.

Another option we can keep in mind is that before installing one of these applications let's examine the comments made on the web. For sure, we will find valuable information to help us decide whether to download it or not. Of course, our Android mobile phone, by default, also comes with an additional layer of protection from the same service that Google offers us.

Even when we are about to install the application, we can be very proactive if we look at the types of permissions it requires. When we see that your requirements are not in line with the app, this could be an indication that the software comes with some kind of malicious content. This content may attempt to steal our identity or search for important passwords on our phone.

We have already known the easy way to install applications that are not found in Google Play or App Store of unknown origin. There are tons of them on various websites, although some are more reliable than others. If we take the necessary precautions we can enjoy it without any problem. If this information was useful to you, tell us your opinion by writing to us in the box you will find at the bottom.

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