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And is that enjoying a good family movie allows us to spend pleasant moments with our loved ones. But, if you haven't installed HBO yet, please read this post. You will see how easily and quickly you will install HBO on your Smart TV so that you can enjoy good family TV programming.

Why Choose HBO?

If you have not yet decided to install HBO on your Smart TV, we could mention some of the reasons why you might do so. This TV channel features interesting series that are sure to captivate you and leave you wanting to keep watching them on more than one device.

Just to name a couple of successful series examples are Chernobyl and Game of Thrones. The latter achieved very high listening levels and was a resounding success.

But in addition to the series, HBO has an extensive catalog of films, documentaries and you can use parental controls  which creates a wide and complete offer for all families. In view of this, those who have already tasted the successful programming of this channel, constantly go there in search of the best releases. Next we will show you how to install HBO on your Smart TV.

What is the process of installing HBO on the Smart TV?

The sequence of steps starts by going to the application store that has your Smart TV. Obviously you must be connected to the internet, being able to do it also via Wi-Fi technology. Find the existing application for the HBO platform and proceed to download it to your TV. Once this step is done, open the file and hit where it says "Activate device".

They will ask you to enter a validation code which you must obtain by accessing the «com / activati» web portal via your computer. In this area your code will be generated but you will have to add the correct model of your Smart TV, when you have done so press "Keep it going".

Then choose who is the company that provides you with the television service you are subscribed to. You will then create a username and password which will lead you to give the corresponding activation.

Can we have HBO if we don't have internet TV?

It's wonderful to know that if we don't have an internet television we still have the option of enjoy the HBO channel. This is thanks to the fact that there are other external devices that can be connected to the TV that have the ability to install applications on them, including HBO, from Internet. So don't worry if your TV has that feature.

One idea we can give you is to buy a TV Box, these devices that are connected to our TV allow it to connect to the Internet to allow us to watch streaming content as a series or movie. Then through these we can download the HBO application and enjoy its programming.

When you install HBO on your Smart TV, you will do it so fast that you will remember the easy way as we have explained it to you in this post.

We hope you can share pleasant moments with your family by watching the content, movies and series that HBO offers that this television platform features. If you liked this post, you can leave us your opinion in the comment box.

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