How to install or connect an extra fan to my PC - Quick and easy

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It should be noted that computers are i most used technological devices today and contain a number of components. That it has to work properly in order for the equipment to provide you with the best functions, you must always be aware of those little details.

At the same time, it is important to understand that it is possible to connect additional tools so that your computer works at its best. In this case, connecting an additional fan helps the temperature flow to be as required by the equipment.

Find out how to connect an extra fan to your PC

First of all, in order to connect an extra fan, you have to consider going through a series of steps above to make it happen. Initially you will need to purchase a fan, take a look at your closet space to be able to install it there.

Choose a moderate sized fan, although larger ones are the most recommended. In turn, consider evaluating the different brands and choosing the one you prefer.

Next you need to make sure of open the cabinet carefully, but remember that you have to unplug your computer to avoid any risks, this is important to take into account. It is therefore necessary to open the side panel to enter the cabinet.

It is also advisable to locate each of the vents in order to install the additional fan, as the cabinet has several connections.

Together, you need to locate the connectors on the motherboard, but be aware that they may be scattered or there may be just a couple of connectors. Also, after you locate them, you will need to configure the fans. Here are some tips for choosing the best motherboard.

Also, you should be aware of check the fan, as they only move in one direction. Therefore, it must be considered that it moves in the direction indicated by them; as they have a tag attached where you can see where they should turn. This way, keep in mind how to connect.

You should also consider installing the fan to create a wind tunnel. It is also recommended to install more exhaust air fans in the cabinet than injection fans. You can connect them on the back for better performance.

Steps to easily connect an extra fan

Likewise, if you are going to connect it from the front, you should consider that it is a injection fan in so that it can suck in the air. You can also connect it at the top and in this way you can extract the air, as the heat is concentrated in the upper part of the cabinet.

After viewing the vent connector of your choice, you can proceed with the installation. You can then fix the fan using the four screws that need to be tightened, this way you will prevent it from vibrating, but you have to make sure you tighten them well.

Additionally, you can use strips of tape to help keep the fan fixed, in case there are problems when tightening the screws. You can then remove the tape.

View the cables

On the other hand, it is necessary to visualize that no cables are in the way the fan blades. For this reason, it is recommended to secure the cables with cable ties for added security. After completing these steps, you will be able to connect the fan to the motherboard via its power connectors.

Remember that if you connect the additional fan to the power supply, it will always run at full speed, as you cannot change the speed from the BIOS.

Finally, you can close the cabinet in so you can test the fan later. It is recommended to always test the fan with the cabinet closed, as if you leave it open you will not notice the cooling system.

You can also trace the fan through the BIOS if the same connectors on the motherboard. You can also check the speed via the SpeedFan program in Windows, remember that if the connection has been made to the power source, you will not be able to check its speed.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you. Do you know another method to install or connect an additional fan to your PC? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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