How to install or modify your PC's RAM memory modules step by step

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Time passes, the needs of users change and the requirements and functions that computers must have, for this, increase operating systems are constantly updated. But there are computers that can't take it anymore. On this occasion we will talk about how to install or change RAM memory modules on your PC, in a very simple way.

Many want certain things to really last forever, but the reality is that, over time, everything wears out. This is the case of a team that has been a faithful ally of many people around the world in the development of business and academic projects: the computer.

RAM memory, a break for your computer

However, some just need a boost. Preventive maintenance, programs that optimize their operation, file cleaning, among many other measures that can be taken.

Among these measures there is, of course, the implementation or replacement of some parts of the computer that could interfere with the smoothness of its operation. In this sense, RAM memory is an extraordinary tool for improving the operation of your computer.

What are they?

This component of your computer is actually quite simple. All computers have such a memory. Now if you want expand the capacity of this memory, surely your computer will be able to thank you.

Le RAMthen, they are components that are inserted or installed on the motherboard of your desktop or laptop computer. There are different presentations and capacities, which you can always install according to the capacity of your computer. Some can support up to 12GB or more of memory.

What is needed?

The function of a RAM memory, however simple, is essential in any computer. This, fundamentally, is responsible the storage or collection of information from the instructions provided by the user while handling the computer. Memory is responsible for distributing these indications to the rest of the computer components so that they are executed without delay.

And it is this last part that would best define the function of this element: without major delays. RAM memory helps your computer to work much smoother and faster when he carries out a series of activities in which, in other circumstances, he would be truly harmed.

Installing a RAM

In the market you will find a wide variety of models and capacities of these components. You must, first of all, take good advice on the type of memory your computer uses. The most common today are DDR3, although as has been said they can vary to other types such as DDR2, all based on how old or modern your computer is.

Modules installation or modification

Installing a RAM memory or changing slots or modules is a procedure that is not complicated, but, since it involves installing a component on the motherboard of the computer, requires attention to make sure you don't damage any other structure on the board.

  • To get started, shut down your computer.
  • Unplug any power cables and any other devices for convenience.
  • With the help of tools, remove the cover of your average or laptop computer.
  • Find the sector of the card where the RAM is installed.
  • Press the hooks that hold the memory to release it and change it slot or module, if applicable.
  • Perform the same procedure on the module where you will install the new memory, then reattach the hooks to the memory.

Reconnect your desktop computer or turn on your laptop to check that the RAM has been installed correctly, for which, you must enter system information in based on your operating system. If the memory capacity has been extended, you can turn off the computer again to replace the cover.

Simple, practical and necessary

This way you will work more relaxed on your computer, knowing that this important complement it will have a very positive impact on the fluidity with which your computer operates. What are you waiting for to install or change your computer's RAM modules?

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