How to install or put a tempered glass protector on my cellphone without bubbles?

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Is it true that tempered glass offers you more security?

Tempered glass is considered to be more durable than non-tempered glass. Thanks to its processing by transformation both mechanical and thermal to which it is subjected.

This causes it to have compression in its inner layers and tension in its outer ones. Making that when the piece breaks, it breaks completely into small pieces; avoiding sharp areas like normal glass does.

A tempered glass to be considered such, must meet certain parameters, such as 69 megapascals or MPa due to the compression it undergoes and even exceed 100 MPa to be considered safety glass.

As for hardness, they are based on the Mohs scale which goes from 1 to 10, the higher it is, the greater the resistance to certain materials, bumps, drops or scratches.

Most common screen protectors on the market

  • Protect Gua Gua screen for iPhone XS mobile phones, has a TPU case with tempered glass; Designed with two layers of non-slip flexible gel and supports wireless charging, its cuts are exact and easy to clean and install.
  • Protector per Samsung S7 Onson, comes in a kit of two high transparency protectors, which extend the life of your cellphone, very durable material with high touch sensitivity of your screen.
  • Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Zizo, military grade with easel, which can work as a speakerphone, as it can be kept supported.

How to install or put a tempered glass protector on my cellphone without bubbles?

  1. Remove any protection and cover that the mobile phone has for added comfort, now wash your hands and clean your work area so that no dirt or dust will interfere.
  2. Subsequently, the mobile screen is cleaned, with a dry or lightly moistened cloth with diluted hygienic alcohol and wait for it to dry completely.
  3. Place the mobile on the table where you will be working horizontally, so that you can align the guard to the screen and fix them on one side with adhesive tape so that they do not move and are well fixed.
  4. Now you lift the sheet from the side where the glue is not located inside and remove the plastic (which comes with the new protector) trying not to touch the glue so that the fingerprints are not marked and drop the protector on the screen.
  5. Generally it should be aligned and glued to the screen, and if any remain bubbles si presses with his thumb on the screen trying to remove any air that may have been trapped on the side or with a credit card, because it exerts better pressure.

To conclude, it is very important that you keep your mobile with tempered glass screen protectors; paying attention to how to correctly place the anti-shock screen protector on the mobile phone. Well, once in place you will save yourself a lot of headaches in case it falls.

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