How to install, register and create a WeChat account from your PC or mobile

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There are currently many messaging platforms Rambox and WeChat are two of them and in this article we will tell you the steps you need to take if you want to open an account in the called application WeChat, in this way and in a simplified way you will acquire the essential knowledge to be able to register within that app.

This application was created by Chinese developers which makes it special since it has various elements exceptional which make this application very special and used as it is currently a very influential system in the world of instant messages.

Due to its great popularity that many people have chosen to install this system on their computers or smartphones, thus the main goal of this article in question is to present the simplest, easiest and fastest way to install the installation process, anyone interested in the system can install it without any inconvenience.

Although the different functionalities it may have call your attention, you must keep in mind that said installation mechanism must be adequate, i.e. the related process must be carried out following the corresponding instructions on the pages that are renowned or that have credibility so that this process works in the as effectively and comprehensively as possible.

In this way, the steps you need to take if you want to have this instant messaging application on your pc or mobile will be presented in detail and precisely below, so that you can have the respective functionality that the system has to offer you.

How to install, register and create a wechat account from your pc or mobile?

Since the first point that you have to take into consideration in order to be able to register correctly in the application is that you must have a phone number that you will need merge to your account, however, in order for this process to be more explained, the respective steps will be mentioned:

Enter the page

To get started with the launch mechanism you need to go directly to its main page, after entering you will need to download the application, but equally it is in the Play Store of your mobile device, so that this process is faster and more accurate.

Enter the interface

After the respective application download is complete, it is required enter the main system interface, where two main options will appear, which are login or registration via the phone number, we will clearly choose the second option.

To continue to advance in the interface, you will have to fill in the different empty fields that will appear in the system, such as your name, your phone number and a respective secret password. Clearly after performing these basic steps of any application, you must read the terms of use and conditions of that system after accepting its policies, we will provide you with the following to complete this process.

Verify your account or security check

After reading said agreement or contract, to start your account you must first go through a verifier, this process is extremely simple, you just have to press the start button and proceed to solve a puzzle that the system will present to you Randomly after having perfectly solved this test you will verify your phone number with your account, you will receive a message with a code that code will proceed to write it on the page and click on next.

After going through these steps quickly, you will have yours active account and ready to be used without major problems where you can share and be connected with all your friends quickly and accurately.

Another method to log in via a pc is to have your app already installed on your mobile, you will enter the web.wechat page where a code will appear QR, this code must be scanned through the system to later enter your account from your pc. If you want to put all your secret Telegram and Wechat chats together in one application, you can do it with Disa.

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