How to install TeamViewer perfectly on your PC or laptop in simple steps

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The program that we present today TeamViewer is one of the most popular software of its kind, being the usual recommendation for anyone who wants to remotely control another computer. Knowing how to use it can facilitate many procedures such as the "> how can I control my Android mobile from the PC space where the information is similar to what we will teach you today.

What are applications like TeamViewer for?

Remote control it may seem like a complicated concept to those of you who are new to the world of computing, but the truth is not something difficult to understand. If you have any questions about remote control and applications such as TeamViewer, please read the following information.

Remote control

Remote control is a way to control devices remotely, in most cases (at least in the computer world) this is done via the Internet. With a remote control program is You can use a computer, mobile phone or laptop from another computer.


The TeamViewer application is nothing more than a program to check in remote other computers. Thanks to it, it is possible to remotely operate any computer, mobile phone or laptop that allows it. The advantages of TeamViewer are that it is very easy to use, it is very easy to connect and, in general terms, the procedure is intuitive.

The use of tools such as TeamViewer it can be very useful for solving problems on another computer. Through this method it is possible to get the help of a professional to solve a problem.

Likewise, applications such as TeamViewer allow you to perform complex tasks without being in front of the computer being controlled, which is why the application is usually used in work environments.

How to install TeamViewer perfectly on your PC or laptop in simple steps

As you will see, TeamViewer is one very useful tool in many circumstances, so learning how to use it is undoubtedly something that might interest you. Read the following information to learn how to master this powerful software in a very simple way.

Download and install

  1. The first step is to acquire this popular program, so go to the following Teamviewer website and click on the option DOWNLOAD FOR FREE for personal use.
  2. After clicking on this button, the download should have started. If TeamViewer does not start the download, click on the link that appears on the «use direct download» page.
  3. When you have finished the download, proceed with the installation of the program, the installation process is quite conventional, just press Next until the program is installed.

Learn to use TeamViewer

  1. Once the program has been installed, it will proceed to run it for the first time.
  2. The process for using the software is quite simple, as you will notice there are several options, but you need to pay special attention to ID e Password.
  3. You will need this data for the process, so it would be convenient to write it down.
    To use TeamViewer and control a team remotely, once the application is started, it is necessary to enter the ID of that team in the section Associated ID, which appears to the right of the program.
  4. After entering the ID, you need to click on the connection option. When you do, you need to confirm access from the other computer.
  5. After the previous procedure you can remotely control any computer, laptop o tablet.
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