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By understanding the importance of what they are, what they are used for and where they can be made, you will realize that Excel is the best for creating spreadsheets.

This it is a tool that stands becoming always more important for many business owners and data analysts, who are stuck with default spreadsheet features like Excel or other related programs.

In essence, Power Pivot is a add-on for the analysis of give amazing and totally effective. It also allows us to model data very successfully.

What is Power Pivot?

We have already given you an open mouth about the functionality of this accessory. But let's go a little deeper on what it is and what it is for.

As already mentioned, Power Pivot is an add-in for Excel. It has been designed to perform effective data analysis, as well as to generate data models that will allow you to visualize this data satisfactorily in Excel.

One of its most fabulous features is that supports a high volume of information, we can combine large enough tables, if you have databases with different sources, this tool quickly performs data analysis the same way.

Surely after knowing the advantages of this accessory, you are left with the desire to have it. Well, read on, we show you step by step how to install PowerPivot in Excel.


Install Power Pivot like this

To add this add-in to Excel, we first need to know which version of this spreadsheet we have. Knowing this is very simple.

The fastest way is to use the Windows search engine (identified with a small lupita), we place Excel, we search and right next to the name of the app we will see the year of the version.

First of all, we need to have Excel open. In the upper left panel we go to the "File" tab

We will have the side menu, where we will select the last “Options” button. A settings window will open.

This will in turn have a menu on the left, where we will click on “Add-ons” to update the tab for the changes we want to make.

In this screenshot, we will look below for the “Excel Add-ins” manager. In it, we will select "COM Complements" and press "Go ..."

It will show you the available add-ons, where you can select the Power Pivot. Remember to press “OK” in so that the changes are saved.

After waiting for the update, we will see in the top bar of Excel that the Power Pivot option appears, that is, it would be ready for use in versions after Excel 2013.


If your Excel is the 2010 version.

Yes on the contrary, the version you have is from 2010, how to install PowerPivot in Excel is a little more manual, to say the least.

In these cases, Power Pivot is downloaded from the Internet. You can Google, for example, using the words "Power Pivot for Excel 2010".

Before downloading it, we need to choose the one that fits our version of Excel and PC architecture.

Therefore, it is important to determine if your computer is 32 o 64 bit, as it will depend on how the plug-in works.

After installing the installer, we follow the following steps:

A window will appear in which we must select “Run” or run to start the installation

We press "Next", you have to accept the "Agreement and license terms". We press "Next" and "Install".

After the installation is complete, Excel should automatically place the Power Pivot board.

I hope this article has been of great help to you, I invite you to visit our site and learn many other things and curiosities that will be of great help at any time, I assure you.

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