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And, shortly thereafter, the era of the telephone arrived cellular and with it the remote modalities to be able to reach someone quickly, as with SMS. Nowadays, being in contact with anyone from all over the world is something very simple to do through i social networks and most importantly, through our mobile devices.

With these we can call, send and receive messages from text and email and we can even make a video call with anyone in the world. But the way people handle this problem differs depending on the services they use.

On the latter it is worth talking about Viber. This is an instant messaging service, very similar to Line; which focuses on sending and receiving free messages and calls. All you need is an internet connection and voila, you will be ready to talk to whoever you want who can have the same service.

And, while all messaging services have their pros and cons and are generally used at the individual's will, Viber is one of the most downloaded and is actually quite clean in appearance. That's why below we'll show you how to install Viber without having to pay a dime.

How to install Viber on any mobile device

It is really easy to install Viber directly on your device. And best of all, you can download Viber on many devices, including Windows on desktop and Mac, but for that you need to have your account synced with your mobile device, so we'll start by talking about how to download it there.

In case you have an Android device, all you need to do is the following:

  • Start by entering the application Play Store, the place from which you will download Viber.
  • Once there, and you have your account open there, enter the search bar " Viber ". Once you've entered and searched, the Play Store will take you directly to the application as such.
  • Next, all you have to do is select the " Install »That appears on the screen. Wait for the download and installation of the application to complete and that's it.

In case you have a device iOS, like an iPhone, you have to perform the same procedure that we have just explained to you, but instead of the Play Store, you will have to do it through the App Store.

How to install Viber on your computer

Since we mentioned it above, it is likely that you will find it useful to have the Viber service installed on your computer, be it a Mac or a PC. Just remember that to log into yours account Viber on a computer, you must already have a session on a mobile device. All you need to do is the following:

  • Start by going to Google and searching for "Viber" in the search bar. Click on the first search and you will be in the official Viber portal.
  • Once there, you will have to click on the button » Download »At the top of the portal.
  • Now you just have to select if you want to download Viber for Windows or for Mac. Select the one you want and the download will begin.
  • Once the download is done, find where the Viber installation file was downloaded and click to begin the installation. Now, you just have to follow the procedure that appears on the screen and you will have Viber installed.
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