How to integrate form controls into a worksheet in Excel

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Excel belongs to the group of programs developed by the Microsoft company that can be used for free online. Being a fundamental tool for developing different daily or academic tasks.

A spreadsheet allows users to develop statistics and numerical controls. Currently the management of percentages and figures is essential for all those who have an activity or need of comparative tables relating to your sales, income or expenses.

Excel is indeed the most popular program in the accounting market. Since through it you can keep a record or control and with keyboard shortcuts that will be very useful. And they know for sure the money that has come in or that has been invested; as well as statistics on sales, customers and successful transactions.

How to integrate form controls into a spreadsheet in Excel?

Excel is such a comprehensive tool that it has developed several options available so that users can use and plot figures, data logging, exact percentages and an infinite number of activities that can be carried out on its platform, also allowing the use of all Excel formulas on a spreadsheet.

Form controls are a tool where the person can create various folders or forms to keep an organized and accurate record of various data.

The forms embedded in the controls in a spreadsheet are one grid in which the various data are displayed alphanumeric, cells that look like small text boxes. Through the controls these cells can represent different labels based on different themes or groups, moreover the person can insert images, files and graphics.

Steps to integrate form controls into a worksheet in Excel

Integrating form controls into a spreadsheet isn't a complex task, actually you just need to perform the following steps:

  • The first step is to enter a spreadsheet in Excel.
  • Once located, you will find a toolbar at the top of the program.
  • You need to click on the drop down bar named "insert".
  • Once there, you need to select the option "Form controls".
  • There are several types of labels that may be applicable, when selecting the most suitable one, it is necessary click on the Excel sheet e drag to draw the desired control sheet outline.

Form controls that can be inserted into an Excel spreadsheet

There are various types of controls assigned to the Excel spreadsheet, controls that simply do the job of representing a label and others that, when clicked, can "react" like a small menu bar with multiple actions.

Among the form controls that can be inserted into a worksheet in Excel, we have the following:

  • Option button: This type of control allows a single selection in an options bar.
  • Button: this control allows us to develop a macro by clicking on it.
  • Scrollbar: this option allows you to click on the arrows to display an entire bar within a defined range or section.
  • Il numerical control allows us to increase or decrease the numerical data.
  • There is also the check box, is a type of control that gives you the option of selecting an icon or not.
  • Label: Allows you to frame or highlight an instruction or short text on a topic.

Most used controls in Excel

La list box allows you to select only one option. There group box allows you to click on a subset of options; In the case of a combo box, there are charts in which there is a box with only one option and others which display a list of options.

Excel spreadsheets today represent valuable tools for people in various aspects of their life. Students require comparative tables when doing work or research, an entrepreneur requires comparative tables that reflect income, expenses, and balance in investments or sales.

Through statistics collected, countries develop action plans to decrease or increase figures as appropriate, this applies to rates of morbidity, mortality, unemployment and other issues essential to the development of today's society.

Note that if you have installed Excel in a language other than Spanish, you can change the language in a very simple way.

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