How to join, share or invite someone to a Telegram group with a link

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But we shouldn't just consider the problems that WhatsApp has presented. Telegram it's not just a messaging app, for nothing. It has an exorbitant number of options, services, tools, etc. You can switch between downloading music and receiving daily news channels.

We could clarify with absolute certainty that Telegram is perhaps one of the most complete applications that we can find and download on our respective devices. In addition to having all the features and qualities of an app focused on sending and receiving messages, it can give you so much more to offer.

Create stickers, download music and movies, channels on all kinds of topics, world news and many other things that this amazing application presents to us. The options are simply countless, since at any time you will find more! and any telegram user can confirm it.

Telegram groups.

Returning to its main purpose, this application it also has the ability to create contact groups, to be an administrator and choose administrators, as well as having the ability to choose those people who want to be part of your already created group. You can also put it in public or private status.

A curious fact related to these groups is that we can host up to 200.000 members. In case it is public, we will find several channels that may be to our liking and we will just have to subscribe. If, on the other hand, it is private, the insertion is by invitation.

But we must keep in mind that in order to make the respective group invitations to your contacts and friends, you will have to take into account that there will be a link, which must be sent to all these people. But, to do it without any problem, we will have to follow a series of steps to get it.

How to share the invitation in Telegram groups.

Being already a member or administrator of this group, you will have the possibility to have access to the invitation link that you can share without any inconvenience or problem with whoever you want. Having clarified this, let's continue with the explanation step by step.

First choice to share

  1. Once downloaded, we will enter Telegram from any terminal you own. We will proceed to search for the respective group in which you are registered or a member. From there we will look for the invitation link.
  2. We will go to the group name which is at the top of the screen, then we will click on it. Once inside the information and data boxes, we will select the link under the photo of said group that has the name "Invitation link".
  3. Once this is done, we will be presented with the link that we will have to copy. In the end you can paste this link wherever you want so that the people you want to be part of the group can join without any problem and just by clicking.

Second option to share.

  1. Once again, having already installed Telegram, we can enter with total ease. We will now search for the respective group you are registered in or a member in.
  2. Once this is done, we will position ourselves in the box with the 3 vertical dots that appears in the upper right corner of the screen. Then we will select it. A menu with a wide variety of options will appear, we will click on "Add members".
  3. We can search among all those people we have registered in our contacts who or who you want to be within the group. Once we get it, we will continue to select them one by one and we will click on the "add" button that appears at the bottom of the list.
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