How to know my Samsung model and serial number if it won't turn on - step by step

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In the world of smartphones and tablets there is one great variety of models. For this reason, knowing which Samsung model you own can be very useful, because knowing the technical characteristics of your phone can get you more attention from customer service or some technical support.

This way there are ways to check the serial number Samsung and the model of the same when it is turned off. This information is very helpful in resolving any technical device failures or account problems. In addition to acting intelligently in the event of theft or loss, allowing you to lock the device.

We will show you a quick and easy way to learn step by step how to get to know the number of e series of your Samsung device if it does not turn on.

What is the serial number and model of a Samsung phone device? 

These technical characteristics, such as the serial number, the model and even the IMEI identification are useful in differentiating each of the different offered by each brand.

In this way the serial number can be defined as a alphanumeric code assigned to a device for identification. It can consist of numeric characters only or it can also contain letters.

In the same way, the model of a device describes the data and reflects its management characteristics, allowing it to be distinguished in terms of fitness and data from other devices of the same brand.

on your part, the IMEI of a mobile phone is a fifteen-digit code that serves as the personal identification of each device.

Steps to know my Samsung model and serial number if it won't turn on

There are several ways to find the model and serial number of a Samsung device, but to use most of these, the device must be turned on. But what happens when you want know the serial number and model of your Samsung and does not turn on. Don't worry, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Remove the cover on the back of the device. These usually slide out.
  2. Lift and remove the battery from the device. The batteries have a compartment that allows you to lift and remove them.
  3. Look for a white band with black letters where the battery is located. There you will find the serial number data and the model of your device
  4. The serial number it begins always with the letter R., and is made up of numbers and letters.
  5. The pattern usually starts with SM- or GT- followed by 5 characters consisting of numbers and letters.

Likewise, you can also find and give IMEI, which is a unique identification code for each device. Both smartphones and tablets have this type of information on their backs.

If your Samsung device is one with a permanent battery, you shouldn't worry, as that means that you can find this information on the back without having to remove the battery.

Why is it important to know my Samsung model and serial number?

Il model and serial number of the your device are more useful than you might think. You may need this information before performing any technical service, or they may require this information in order to resolve the fault that the device may present.

Knowing which Samsung model you are using helps you find the suitable accessories in so they don't degenerate your device.

Likewise, IMEI works like a fingerprint for your device, allowing you to lock the device if it is stolen and unlock it once it is found. For this reason, the IMEI data can also be found in the device purchase box, so as to be able to call the operator once this type of problem occurs.

Additionally, you can use this information for unlock your device, i.e. switch to a different carrier than the one required once you have purchased the Samsung.

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