How to know or know the name and model of your mobile quickly and easily

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The mobile device market has evolved tremendously, to the point where you have tons of different brands for a user to choose from. Many of these brands have several advantages and disadvantages, or at least aspects that a particular person might like the most. Just as it is also important to know if your mobile is high, medium or low range.

This causes many of us to decide on a brand, but always have different ways of doing things, especially if they have different operating systems. Fortunately, current operating systems are quite modern and extremely clean in terms of user interface, as may be the case with some less used ones such as Windows for mobile devices.

At the end of the day, a cause of the brand or the operating system, many tend to be careful about the choice they make for a device when buying one.

But there are scenarios where the person ended up buying a cellphone without knowing what it is, or it was given to him without the original box, which means he doesn't know much about the cellphone.

Knowing the model or name of the cellphone is extremely important when you need to perform certain actions or repairs on it, that's why we will tell you below how you can know the name or model of a cell phone without too many problems.

In the case of an Android or Windows Phone device

If you own a mobile device and find you a little confused about some specifics of it, or because you don't have the original packaging or for other reasons, remember that you always have a way to discover even the smallest details through the same mobile.

For example, in the case of a cellphone Android you have a lot of pretty simple survey work, because the same phone will give you all the data you need so you don't have to rack your brains for photos of those who most resemble you online.

The information you need to know about your Android mobile can be found in the option "Settings" o "Settings" (the latter depends on what your mobile is), so enter there.

Once you have all the options available on the screen, you can go on "General",   then look for the section " Information about your phone or device ". And here you will be able to see all the data of your mobile, such as the model and the name in case you had one from before.

On the other hand, if you have a Windows Phone or a mobile with Windows operating system, it is not a lot of work, since also in this case the information is inside the mobile phone. Just enter the "Settings" of your mobile phone, and then go directly to "Information" and within this section you will only have to enter and «Telephone information» to see all the data.

If you have an iPhone

It is true that many Apple mobile devices look a lot like those who have never owned an iPhone before. But, to be able to differentiate them and get to know their model, you just have to turn the phone, as on the back there is the model name and other details of the mobile that may interest you.

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