How to know or see the coverage map of Telcel, Movistar, AT&T and Unefón companies in Mexico

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There are a large number of companies focused on these services, some of which own a large part of the vast Mexican territory, offering their benefits across the country.

The way these phone companies manage to increase their users is by focusing on the quality of their options, support and tools to offer, thus demonstrating an exceptional image to all their customers or potential users and creating a bond of trust in front of the public.

Within these companies, only a few are preferred by citizens, due to their large advertising management throughout Mexico, thus demonstrating all the positive characteristics and qualities it can offer to its customers.

Some cover a large part of the national territory, while the other alternatives are instead present only in the most important localities of the region, for example in the capitals and tourist centers.

Below we will tell you all about the most popular phone companies in the country, but more importantly we will explain how to obtain and be able to view the coverage map of the data and telephone plans of these companies throughout the Mexican territory.

Stay with us and you will know everything about these operators so that you have full knowledge of which one can offer you the best services and options depending on your needs.

How can we see the Telcel coverage map?

Telcel is one of the most important telephone companies in the Mexican territory, and is also one of those with greater presence in the country.

The first step to view the data and telephone coverage map of your region will be to go directly to the official Telcel website. Once there, we will select the Menu option which appears at the top of the screen. A list will appear in which we will select “Who is Telcel”.

After completing this step , we will be presented with a new portal in which we will see a small box of tools and options, we will choose "Corporate". Again we will be able to see a list of options and there we will select “Coverage Map”. Now you just have to select your city and see if it has 2G, 3G or 4G Telcel coverage.

Movistar coverage map

Similarly to Telcel, we will have to enter the official Movistar page, from there we will select "Customer service" and then "Coverage map". Once this is done, we will enter in our city or we will simply see the coverage map that this telephone company offers us, which differentiates the areas with 4G, 3G and 2G with different colors.

See the coverage map of Unefón

When we enter the official page of Unefón, the procedure will be much simpler since this option will be the main option at the start of the web portal. We can locate it at the top of the screen in a box called "coverage", we will proceed to select it. Then, we will be presented with all the data coverage maps offered by this company depending on the service, be it 4G, 3G or 2G.

You know the AT&T coverage map

This telephone company features an official page for its services and a national coverage map. Once inside, we will be able to see the 4G, 3G and 2G zones in all over the country identified with different colors. In this way we will be able to realize that a & t network coverage we will be able to obtain while being in our region.

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