How to know the conditions and charge cycles of my iPhone battery

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IPhone battery and what are the charge cycles?

The truth is that there are many myths and doubts, for example many wonder if it is a good or a bad thing to charge the mobile phone during the night and the truth is that these are topics that generate debate, but today we will talk about the truths and tangible aspects of batteries. of iPhone phones.

Most of today's batteries are made a lithium base, this exceptional element has led to an energy revolution, as it is great for storing energy, being the element par excellence also in our iPhones.

In any case the batteries are not eternal elementson the contrary, they usually have a shorter duration than the rest of the components present in ours Smartphone. Over time this has improved, but the problem of durability persists.

In relation to the duration we must take into account several factors, one is there physical care of our device. Other information that is good to know to protect the health of our iPhones is also theirs charging cycles.

What exactly are bulking cycles?

There is a lot of talk about bulking cycles, but not everyone is really aware of what they are. If you have any doubts about the term, don't worry, here we will show you what are the cycles di recharge of your mobile or laptop.

I charging cycles they are simply a way of referring to how many times the device has been fully charged. In other words, it refers to whenever our cell phones have been 100% loaded.

The importance of bulking cycles is that they are a great estimate to know battery condition of our devices. It is usually pointed out that an average device can have up to 500 charge cycles before its battery starts to fail, but we can say in summary how many charge cycles will help us know if our iPhone's battery is damaged or broken, so that we know for sure the condition of the mobile.

How to know the conditions and charge cycles of my iPhone battery

Now that you know the worth knowing the charge cycles of a device, it's time for you to learn how many charge cycles your iPhone has. To know this information, follow this little one tutorial that we have prepared for you:

  • To see our bulking cycles you need to use one tool, in this case the application coccoBattery. The first step is to download this useful App.
  • Once downloaded and installed on your Mac, you can start using it. For this, simply connect your iPhone to the computer and start the program.
  • When you are inside the application you have to go to the tab iOS device.
  • Once you are on the screen of yours iPhone, you will notice that there is a lot of information:

Current position: here you can see the total charge of your device. This figure is reflected in mAh (milliamp hours).

Full charge capacity: represents the total charge capacity of your device today. As with Current Charge, it is displayed in mAh.

Design capabilities: this row represents the total in mAh for which the mobile phone was designed, through this data you can see the charging capacity that your iPhone has lost. And finally the most important

Cycle count: this option is the most relevant, it shows us the total number of times the device has been fully charged, in other words i charge cycles.

Finally, knowing all of the above will help us on our journey to extend the battery life of your iPhone and make it last longer, an essential aspect if you want your device to have a long life.

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