How to know the IMEI of your mobile and detect if it is reported as stolen

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Certainly to avoid being robbed or to know the location of a Mobile, the most advisable thing is to learn how to find the mobile phone if it is turned off, but what if it sells you a device and you think it has been stolen? For this it is necessary to know the IMEI of the mobile.

By checking our IMEI it is possible to conclude whether a device has been stolen or not. Through the following guide, we will propose you some measures that you can take for check your IMEI and check if the mobile has been stolen or not.

What is IMEI and how to know it to check if it is reported as stolen?

IMEI would be the equivalent of one ID card for our cell phones, each of them has one that identifies it from the rest of the devices. Even those phones that allow you to have two lines usually also have two IMEIs.

Checking our IMEI is very simple, you can do it by looking directly at the integrity of your mobile, as many times they are printed on the back or behind the battery. On the other hand you can also corroborate it using the following method:

  1. Go to the dialing options of your mobile.
  2. Write the following code * # # 06.
  3. After doing this, the IMEI (s) of your mobile phone will be displayed on the screen.

Sure, the above method requires your device to be on and working, but if not, what do you do? Don't worry, you can get your IMEI if your phone is off or you don't have it nearby.

How to know the IMEI of your mobile and detect if it is reported as stolen

It is not a diversi modi per deduce if a cell phone is stolen, all of them compromise the IMEI of the device. Please read the following information and take it into account if you suspect that you are in possession of a stolen mobile phone:

Call service blocked and reports to the operator

One of the simplest and most effective ways to confirm that a cell phone is locked is to check if the telephone network is functioning normally. In case you cannot make or receive calls with your mobile phone, it is very likely that the device is locked.

This method is not completely foolproof, as certain circumstances may arise that do not allow calling or receiving calls. For this reason we highly recommend you to call your operator and have them check the IMEI on their systems directly.

Operators have access to a global database, with which they can check if a device appears in a list of stolen phones or if it is reported. This process is done right with the IMEI of the mobile, which you can provide by following the steps we have mentioned above.

On the other hand, especially for Apple brand devices, you can know if the iPhone is IMEI or iCloud locked, something you should try to be the owner of a mobile of this brand.

Always report

Regardless of whether you have been a victim of a scammer or your cell phone has been stolen, that's better make a timely report. If the stolen Apple iPhone is stolen, you need to block the stolen Apple iPhone via IMEI, for this reason, immediately inform your carrier of the loss, as this will enter your mobile's IMEI into their database, which allow it to be located in many cases.

If, on the other hand, you have been sold a stolen cell phone, by reporting this case, operators can contact the official bodies and try to solve this problem. Likewise, don't be afraid to report the person who sold you that cell phone.

Check the digital IMEI to see if it is reported as stolen

Today, most mobiles have IMEI printed directly on the device or original boxes. Confronting the IMEI present digitally, with the one provided directly on the mobile phone or in the package, you can confirm whether a cell phone has been stolen or not. If the IMEI is different, it is very likely that the mobile phone has been stolen.

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