How to know the performance of my PC using the Winsat command?

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The computer is the most useful tool we have today along with the telephone, as it allows us to quickly search for all kinds of information, as well as perform tasks that were previously impossible. That's why you need to keep it healthy, with that in mind, how can i know the performance of my pc using the Winsat command?

It will help you know if you need to fix your Windows 10 PC without formatting to improve its performance in any way.

If you don't know what Winsat is, badly done, as this tool is one of the main ways to diagnose a PC to find out if everything is working properly. Because, even if you might think otherwise, it's not enough to dust off the CPU to make everything go well.

What is Winsat?

It is an evaluation tool built into the Windows operating system and we can find it from Windows Vista. It is used to perform a component diagnosis PC hardware such as:

RAM memory, CPU, hard drive and video processor, this will create a relationship with not only their performance, but also check their characteristics.

It therefore indicates at a certain point whether to free space on the PC hard disk or in the counterpart, recover or free RAM memory while using the PC.

This program can only be run with a command line, and in Windows Vista and 7 it is the main tool for obtaining the evaluation index (in Windows 8 it is not available, but can be done manually).

Why use it?

To know the performance of my PC using the Winsat command, it makes sense to first learn what it is for. There are several functions it performs, but the main ones would be:

Know the real performance of a newly acquired computer, find which computer component may be causing a conflict, make comparisons between computers and in Windows 8 know the score of each of its components.


Learn about my PC's performance using the Winsat command

There is evidence on the best programs to measure the performance of a PC as an alternative to the Winsat command.

Now, if what you want to learn, how do you use this program? Since its operation is quite simple, the first thing you should do is open the CMD console or command prompt as administrator.

For example in Windows 7 this is opened by pressing " Windows ”+” R "To open the option" Run "And here you type CMD, then press" Submit ". Again as an example in Windows 8 the keys you must press are " Windows ”+” X “, Then in the menu that appears select "Command Prompt (Administrator)".

Once the CMD console is open, type the command " Formal Winsat ", Press" Submit “, The exam will start to run and you just have to wait for it to finish.

Depending on the equipment you have, the exam will take more or less (the first time), the result will be saved in an XML file, and besides, this program is so good that if you want to see the information again there is no another test must be performed again.

Only the command " Query Winsat ”Should be entered in the CMD console and the test will appear immediately. With this you can already easily know the performance of my PC using the Winsat command.


Finally, it should be noted that this test is so effective that it allows you to change the parameters in the search, you just need to try the following commands:

Winsat disk, which immediately evaluates the main hard disk (the speed of sequential read, random and sequential write all with its score). On the other hand, there is Winsat MEM, which does one evaluation of the performance computer memory.

Winsat DWM which evaluates the performance of desktop graphics, Winsat GRAPHICSFORMAL, which evaluates the performance of your PC graphics (this is useful to know about the games and media playback it supports).


And like these many others, it goes without saying that it's a great way to get to know your PC better, since knowing my PC's performance using the Winsat command, we can take better care of our computerized best friend.

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