How to know the weather from live satellite weather - Very easy

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Global interconnection, obtained from the Internet and from multiple technologies, such as satellites, allows us to know topics such as the weather at any time. The truth is that we can access this information very easily today through our cell phones and computers.

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Climate and new technologies

In the past it was very difficult to know for sure weather conditions, this condition has changed little by little and the emergence of satellites has helped a lot in this. Today it is possible to access information provided directly by companies with access to satellites and other tools for assessing the climate.

You can access reliable weather-related information at any time, some of the companies that provide information most directly are Google, NASA, and a few others that we are going to talk about today.

Nowadays it is even possible to observe them in detail images from satellites, which have the task of analyzing the earth's climatic conditions. This way you can access real-time information about a specific location.

If you want to know what the climate is in your region or in another region of the planet, please read the following information carefully.

How to know the weather from live satellite weather - Very easy

There are several tools to see the live satellite weather, in fact this is much simpler than in the past, as we can use our phones to see this information quite accurately:


Google is undeniably one of the most important companies in the world, it is a technology company that has many very interesting services. With its services you can also know the traffic from home to work using Google Maps, but the company does not stay there, it also has a useful tool with which to see the weather live.

You can use the weather tool present in Android devices, in the same way you can access it through any other device simply by searching for the name of your city or city you want to investigate followed by the word weather.


WeatherYa is an interesting tool that goes unnoticed by many, the most interesting thing is that you can see satellite images of the time in real time. You can access this page via the following link Satelite ClimaYa.

One of the most interesting aspects of ClimaYa is that it directly shows us the movements of the clouds and winds. Moreover, its use is quite simple, you just have to navigate the world and find your location.


NASA is undoubtedly one of the major organizations for extra-planetary studies. Likewise, it has multiple satellites capable of evaluating weather conditions. We can access these satellites and observe the changes in the weather.

Using the following link it is possible to observe in detail the data relating to the Nasa Satellite Climate climate. If in doubt, we recommend that you read the instructions provided by NASA.


On the other hand, there are tools like AccuWeather, which will show us aspects such as temperature, winds, pressure and other conditions that directly affect the weather in much more detail.

You can download AccuWeather in the Play Store and on other platforms, it is undoubtedly a great tool if you want to be properly informed in relation to the weather and other related aspects.

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